HTC’s MWC Phones – Where are they Headed?


Immediately following HTC’s announcements yesterday, carriers wanted to express their plans to carry one or more of the devices. Here’s a quick round-up of everything we’ve heard and seen so far.

[Thanks to EuroDroid, MobileSyrup, All Things D, and Android Central]

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  1. What about the Galaxy S2 where is it going I need to know!! (Yes I’m aware it’s not made by HTC)

  2. At this point, my next phone will be an Epic2/GalaxyS2 on Sprint. I am not at all impressed by HTC based upon MWC

  3. Australian telco “Telstra” have announced via their official Blog that they have exclusivity of the Desire S in Australia. They also claim release in “the first half of this year”, which means a speedy release schedule is looking good, yay!

    I’m also hoping they get the Galaxy S2… Cause I’m against stuck with a hard decision, Desire, or Galaxy. GODDAMMIT.

    Source: http://exchange.telstra.com.au/2011/02/16/desire-s-a-sequel-thats-better-than-the-original/

  4. Yes it’s true that HTC was NON EXISTENT at CES… Then had to me a VERY LIGHT SHOWING at Mobile World Congress even though I openly want to CONGRATULATE the current htc Incredible owners who will be getting the NEW HTC INCREDIBLE S it looks like a very nice device with the new sense… HTC BETTER STEP THERE GAME UP AT CTIA IN MARCH.. Current HTC EVO 4G OWNERS are expecting the NEW HTC EVO 2 4G THEY BETTER PRODUCE THIS DEVICE. Also expect HTC to bring out the HTC PYRAMID for tmobile as well as the new HTC REVOLVER that will be headed again to At&t.. HTC has a lot to do in the next 40DAYS to maintain the STANDING in the smartphone industry or all there current htc evo 4g owners on sprint MIGHT JUST FLOCK OVER TO TMOBILE since they already have the NEXUS S and are due the NEW SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 as well as the LG OPTIMUS 2X… SPRINT BETTER PRAY THAT HTC MAKES THAT EVO2 OR THEY MAYBE IN A LOT OF TROUBLE THIS SUMMER… Serious food for thought…

  5. Dear HTC,

    This is what I want from you. Take a Thunderbolt, add a super AMOLED Retina caliber display, dual core snapdragon, 1gb RAM, HDMI out, Gingerbread and a battery that lasts one full day. Make that, and I will buy another one of your phones.

    Thank you.

  6. Hey you can’t blame htc for this announcement, hell the exact same plan has worked for apple for years…incremental updates that are far surpassed by the release date.

  7. You forgot to say us sprint customers get the sanyo echo! Haha… thanks sprint, for the big “f*** you” to us loyal customers, who are probably all getting screwed by your change in the premier program!

  8. Where’s the mythical T-Mobile “Pyramid”?

  9. there is a new king in town and that is Samsung galaxy s2.

  10. Good to see you post, Richard… I think if HTC doesn’t want to be hosed in the near future, they need to start using something beside Qualcomm. Have you seen “Kal-El” quad-core from nVidia? That’s going to own all the competition this year. HTC needs to divorce itself from Qualcomm if they don’t want to be making low end units in the future.

  11. What I want to know is where is the HTC love for Verizon nowadays. For a long while HTCs phones on verizon were their best offerings. But now it seems we’re stuck with the thunderbolt whose specs are sadly out of date. Ate they planning something big by creating unrest amongst their fans? The HTC Droid Eris that I’m typing this on is my first HTC, my first smartphone, and my first android. (Lol I realize that goes without saying but I want to be clear here) what I’m saying is that from this one phone that I’ve rooted and flashed a thousand times since January is my favorite little phones ever. I’ve played with others. The dinc, the Droid X, the epic and the evo. HTC has (in my opinion) the sexiest phones around even if I don’t like sense. I hope something big is coming because another year like the last 6 months with HTC and they’re going to loose a lot of their loyal fanbase.

  12. Again, AT&T is getting the crappy phones.

  13. Why is everyone hating on HTC? The fact is that in one week they will have the BEST phone on the market. The Thunderbolt is 4g LTE, 768MB of RAM, 40Gigs of storage, and a fast next gen 1GHZ processor. Everyone is talking about dual-core, but the Bionic has a dual-core processor and it does NOT out perform the Thunderbolt! Do your homework check the quadrant scores. Sure the Thunderbolt will be out-dated by this summer, but that’s because technology is moving so fast. Everyone says that the Thunderbolt’s spec are already out-dated….NAME A PHONE THAT IS ON THE MAREKT TODAY THAT HAS BETTER SPECS!!!!

  14. Looks like, if you want HTC on Verizon, your only option is the Thunderbolt. I’m not impressed at all with the Incredible S. Even though the Thunderbolt only has a 1GHz processor, it’s the new Snapdragon and benchmarks have shown it to be blazing fast. Will it be faster than the Bionic? Perhaps not, but battery life might be a lot better.

    Personally, I’m just gonna chill for a while and see if any more options surface. If there’s nothing better by Q3, I’m pulling the trigger (probably on a Bionic).

  15. Moto-blur sucks….I don’t know why I had to say that and it has nothing to do with this article, but it’s out there now and I’m not taking it back!

  16. @Billy – I second that.

  17. @MAC – whatever floats your boat dude.

  18. @C MAC
    Like you said Bionic is not even out yet. So where did you see that Thunderbolt outperforms it? And to answer your question on better phone out there, there is LG optimus 2X (Tegra 2) hitting 2500 on Quadrant test that’s easily smoking Thunderbolt.

  19. @jinwons

    Check Engadget’s review:

    “Not to put too fine a point on this, LG, but why does your dual-core beastphone feel like an 18-month old HTC Hero.”

    Specs aren’t everything.

  20. HTC, Last year your devices were amazing. General purpose generic devices that wasnt trying to sell us useless garbage. This year you took last years technology and added some “flash and bang” to old tech. Read that as “made the device crappier.”

    Your Desire S is using a 1gzh snapdragon.. not a duel core, nor a 1.2. Making devices with facebook buttons doesn’t make it better.. it just limits your device to people who want to advertise that their facebook junkies and don’t think that button is an eye sore.

    If you want a winning product that’s this gen, worry about the internal specs more and the button’s less.


  22. @Kadillacty The Pyramid is all what Billy described? If so thanks for saving me from buying this Thunderbolt. Only problem is HTC will have you waiting forever for a leaked phone to materialize. It gets to the point where you think the phone has been dropped, buy something else, and then all of a sudden here it comes.

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