Nexus One Getting Gingerbread Within a Few Days?


Here we go again: according to sources who spoke to Greg at MobileCrunch, Google is preparing to roll out the Nexus One OTA upgrade either late this week or early next week. I have not heard this myself so I can’t confirm or deny, but if several independent sources said the same thing, then I think it’s safe to bet big on it being true. Be on the lookout and give us a holler if you do end up getting it soon.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. like verizon’s customers waiting for the iPhone to arrive for 4 years. Nexus one owners have been waiting for a while since the nexus s released… we are getting to the point that we sort of between care about this and … don’t care about it anymore. Next phone won’t be a pure nexus phone because it does not weigh that much when you take this first group update out of the equation.

    In my opinion, Nexus family should be getting the update at the same time. When Google released Nexus S pre-installed Gingerbread, Google should have released it to Nexus One as well. Or to be fair, no later than a month though.

  2. I would much rather be first with an OTA update than this post. I have been waiting impatiently since Christmas. I am already dreaming of an ice cream sandwich…

  3. This better be true …
    However us Nexus One owners can still take comfort in the fact that we’ll see/saw more updates than most devices.

  4. in possession of a nexus one myself I am à little tired of waiting for the legendary “within a few days…”, but honestly, 3 month is nothing !

    About this rumor, I guess it makes sense (htc joke). Living in franc the nexus s comming to store officialy at the beginning of next week. Google could be making a favour to samsung to have it’s own nexus on store over the world before giving a piece of gingerbread to olders phones… What do you think…

  5. I’ll believe it when I see it. Well timed given CyanogenMod 7 just made Release Candidiate. If my N1 wasn’t acting up and I wasn’t anticipating a need for warranty service it would already be rooted for a few hours now.

  6. agree with y’all. so much for running stock android, gingerbread is a good two months old already. jeez.

  7. Come on guys. Are your really that impatient? It has been less than 3 months, the N1 is still the second phone which will get Gingerbread, all the others will still have to wait or do not even have 2.2

    We also may not forget, that new graphics drivers have to be created for Gingerbread. CM7 uses a ugly hack to circumvent this by disabling support for 32-bit colors.

    I am still happy with my N1, especially because the Nexus devices allow rooting. No hacking needed, it’s a supported functionallity. I have full control over my phone, just as I have full control over my PC. That’s what I want and that’s why I will always choose Nexus.

  8. Oh I hope this is true, and that Vodafone UK push it out quickly!

  9. Please! Bring it on!

  10. Love my nexus s had a nexus one. But it shouldn’t have taken that long to get the gingerbread on the nexus one. They wanted everyone to buy an nexus s. Trying to push nexus one owners to buy nexus s so they was gonna wait as long as they could before giving the update to nexus one owners. I am always gonna have a nexus phone I love stock android. Google always gonna take care of their baby nexus family.

  11. As most Nexus One owner’s I purchased this phone expecting to get the latest and greatest updates close to release. I don’t have a Ph.D. in math like my father but I believe its been 2 months since Gingerbread came out. So as far as my faith in Google about releasing software updates its now crap. That’s right, Google has let me down. Shame on you Google. Also shame on you for allowing Samsung to release the Nexus S with no 4G. Tsk tsk tsk

  12. CM7 is way better than stock will ever be, and when they release the ota i’m sure it will be even better

  13. Hopefully Tmobile pushes it out to the G2 somewhat quickly .. but i know thats like asking for a tree that grows money :-/

  14. I will believe it when I see it. When it does come out, I’ll dl the zip file then wait a couple of days to make sure it isn’t crashing phones, then install.

  15. I would like to welcome Nexus One owners to the denial of a new release club. Come join the rest of us! Root or stop your belly aching.

    P.S. Running GingerBread on my Droid 1
    2.3.2-GPA10(Thanks to BuglessBeast’s Peter Alfonso)

  16. I’ll believe it when I’m installing it but it’s been long enough already. Bring it on.

  17. I welcome this news. Desire Gingerbread ROMs haven’t been able to user pure AOSP because the camera and 3D support is lacking. We need the Nexus OTA to interact with the hardware properly.

  18. Who cares at this point? Google blew off their N1 customers… now time for us to blow off their crap and go to another product.

    I’ve already switched to VZW iPhone. Sorry Goog – your BS posts about Gingerbread were enough.

  19. lol, Only reason I think this is true is because I finally got tired of waiting and finally after resisting for a year. Rooted and flashed a 2.3 Rom on Nexus One this weekend. So makes sense they would release it a few days later.

  20. I’ll take the update when it’s ready, vs what Nexus S owners have had to deal with. My Nexus One is reliable and stable, and I prefer to keep it that way.

  21. If this is true, Nexus One will still get the update well before any other non-Nexus device. I’m still very happy with my decision to buy a Nexus One last spring, and, of course, my next device will also be a Nexus.
    When Nexus One gets this update, it will have received two major OS updates in just over a year. People hold up Apple as the gold standard for delivering updates, so I’ll remind you that no iPhone has ever received more than two major version updates, and that those are only annual releases.

  22. I think my next phone will be a Google phone. I’m fed up of waiting all the time.

  23. sony xperia already with 2.4, htc salsa chacha will be with 2.4 we mat b now get 2.3 then wait for 2.4 then 3.0 wtf

  24. People are so impatient! Gingerbread is so buggy that’s why its hasn’t been released yet. I think “true” Gingerbread is 2.4 and both Nexus One and S are getting it soon.

  25. The wait for OTA updates would be a little more bearable if the rumours of “in a few days/weeks” disappeared. These constant rumours keep people poised ready for an update that never appears. I would prefer that Google confirmed that the roll out was about to happen when they were ready to do so, not keep us on the edge of our seats for months.

    Gingerbread was “supposed” to be rolled out just before Christmas, but it didn’t happen.

  26. Was one of first to get the Nexus One thinking we would be first in line to get the latest variations. I am disappointed that it has taken this long. This is not a good thing to do Google.

  27. I love the it has only been a couple months comments. They started in a few weeks phrase back in either September or October. 1/2 year = a few weeks? I started backing up my phone so I could root it. Not sure if I’ll wait another week.

  28. what’s the big deal on gingerbread anyways?…..nothing! my 2.2.2 frg83g is running smoothly!

  29. How can a small band of hackers get this out (not just for the N1, but for a whole bunch of handsets) quicker than one of the biggest companies in the world? Get it together Google, and maybe start by offering the CM team very well paid jobs.

  30. @ismail khan What HTC calls 2.4 is 2.3.3… See Reto Meier (Google) on Twitter:

    Like Dave “I’m still very happy with my decision to buy a Nexus One last spring, and, of course, my next device will also be a Nexus.”. Nothing to add

  31. This wait isn’t as bad as most are chalking it up to be. Buy a phone from any other supplier like Sony, Motorola or Samsung and get a taste of what real waiting is. In a lot of cases you wouldn’t even get upgrades after the first stage of OS updates nor a mention of it in press releases. What about the Xperia X10 people. They’re stuck at 2.1 for the life of their device. This is just a minor hiccup. I for one am happy to be on a Google backed phone.

    Guess though that this will be the last update we’ll see beyond minor fixes to Gingerbread. Ah well, such is the case with aging hardware.

  32. For people impatient try to find good gingerbread rom. I have a droid 1 a perfect rom is liquid rom v 1.2.

    It really not a different beside download icon as app, instead of browser.

    Camera take snappier picture and support of rear webcam camera.

    Internet calling now is their 2.3 . confusing I rather use skype.

    Some new live wallpaper.

    Tv animation.

    Bounce and glow animation.

    NFC=near field communication which to me is useless.

    Dfl= music setting in enchancement.

    Icon are change.

    News and weather icon are smaller now.

    Calling interface is change.

    You can zoomin on video camcorder.

    Beside those thing it look 2.2 os with a few minor changes.

  33. Eddie my phone isn’t buggie on 2.3.2 os grh78. Trust me if your phone buggie it because samsung hardware. My phone is running 110 apps with 120 mb left. On my original droid just fine. With droid user apps4sd is hacking style. Meaning all the apps go to your phone unlike google lazy version.

  34. Impatient? Yes. Of course we are. Why wouldn’t we since we knew of it 3 months ago.
    What’s worse: That 3 months ago they said it would be delivered OTA the second half of January. Then it was “at the end of January.” Then it was “in the coming weeks.” NOW it’s “late this week / early next week.”

    To save themselves from looking like the tools they can be, it would serve them well to just shut their whiskey-hole until it is actually ready to roll out OTA. I get the marketing aspect, but it pales in comparison to how much they piss off their own customers.

  35. I appreciate this experience. It’s made it clear to me to NEVER buy another Google-branded phone, EVER. There is absolutely no point, and will in fact be less supported than another regular phone. Google has made it clear that they don’t give a single crap about their personal customers, and will in fact completely forget about them faster than any other company has ever done.

  36. You guys need to relax. Gingerbread isn’t very different from Froyo. I doubt you will even notice when it does arrive.

  37. I get it, Google made you wait for your update and you’re upset. Now you’re saying you don’t love them and storming out the door, but you’re really just going to sit in your car and hope they come out after you. One day they won’t and you’ll be cold and alone with the knowledge they really are better without you (because you’re a miserable tart).

    Number of phones you can buy with gingerbread today: 1 (Nexus S)
    Number of other phones you will be able to buy with Gingerbread before Nexus One is updated to Gingerbread: 0 (none)

    I don’t understand the problem. They were going to release it, but found major flaws and decided to fix them first. Now they have a fix and have to roll out an OTA to the NS owners, then the update to the N1 owners (N1 comes second because their phones aren’t broken right now). N1 owners actually come out ahead, because they didn’t have to endure random reboots and crap like the NS.

  38. Look at you, Capin Winky. You’re actually making sense… Shame on you :)

  39. I am sick of all the tech blogs publishing BS to get web traffic – although it does seem to work. Once a week someone reports coming soon and once a week the old rumor was wrong. Just admit it you have no clue.

  40. Nexus one will get the update…eventually…if not from Google…then from his brilliance, Cyanogenmod. But if you bought Samsung captivate or a motorolla or HTC g2 you are out of luck, I believe. Because those guys are not concerned about updating your phones when they can sell you newer unupgradable phones….I would. So many phones haven’t rcvd Froyo yet.

    Inference: buy Google phones from Google…not from jerks wanting to rip u off.

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