T-Mobile Sidekick 4G Landing Page Is Live, Sign Up Now


And out of nowhere, a sign-up landing page for the Sidekick 4G over at T-Mobile has gone live. You won’t find any images or information other than the confirmation that this will indeed be an HSPA+ device, but you can go ahead and fill out the form and get it in your inbox as soon as all is revealed. Word on the street has been that Samsung is working on the hardware, and we expect the software to be an Android-infused version of the classic Sidekick look. Come on, you know you’re feeling nostalgic. Limber up those fingers, you’ll be messaging it up in no time.

[via DroidDog]

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  1. still using a trackball? havent they learned anything from the older generation sidekicks?

  2. Clearly it isn’t a trackball

  3. I hated using the Sidekick 08, and there’s a 0% chance that I will buy this POS.

  4. excited for this phone!! screen looks kinda small though ><

  5. @ .Anthony, REALLY!!!!

  6. Looks horrible!! It would have been nice if the screen was the size of the whole slider! The screen looks at least half the phones size. Ridiculous. How is this one different from the old ones and what OS is it running, hopefully not the same cause if they are, T-Mobile will be taking 3 steps back!!

  7. TMO and Sammy must have something going on….cuz…really?

  8. Im still rocking my nexus one but im not going to lie that keyboard brings back a lot of good memories…I have been craving a physical keyboard so this may be the phone for me!

  9. I am interested in this phone :) I’ve always wanted a sidekick when they were popular

    hopefully this isn’t the finish product. Although, i’d love to see it with wp7 on it…it be cool to see what android looks like on it and even more so, it be funny to see all the “elitist” android fanatics and their response to trash the device(like they do with the echo). Hopefully, there will be a few more pics of it leaked and videos

  10. The name itself tells you everything you need to know “sidekick”. Nobody cares about Robin … Batman was the one getting all the action.

  11. It’s your sidekick because T-Mobile tells you it’s still relevant and like an obedient sidekick you buy it!

  12. Can someone tell me a current or upcoming android phone on tmobile with a better physical keyboard? I want 5 rows and this keyboard looks amazing.

  13. SO AMPED!! I can’t wait to buy this.

  14. the front facing camera is my only reason to buy.

  15. Lest we forget, the sidekick used to be a powerful piece of hardware. (minus the trackball). If this phone is treated right it could be a powerful device. For all you sidekick trashers this phone would not suck with latest android ff camera and tegra 2. It truly was the ultimate messaging phone and still is to some degree.

  16. I have been waiting on a phone that had a front facing camera and a keyboard and that was 4G this has all of that and I liked my last sidekick so I’m all in

  17. Mood lights ?

  18. Okay i have a really important question…
    1. if the phone is running on ANDroid.. will we still have the tmail email acct???

  19. The only thing that could make this phone cooler would be to release this phone with CM 7 as the native ROM. Props to Samsung for manufacturing the first full Qwerty keyboard (not the rinky-dink charm/blackberry half-width types) AND front facing camera out there for Tmo (even though I’m a HTC fan… gotta give em props).

  20. To me the Sidekick 3 had the perfect weight/balance feel to it even though it was a little bulky. I could hold it comfortably and rapid fire texts and IM’s all day.

    The LX 2009 improved a lot on the screen resolution and quality, and it certainly looked nicer and sleeker but still didn’t have the balance of the SK3.

    I really hope this new Samsung model photo is not the finished product. It’s very dull and boring looking, and it looks like any other Android phone when the screen is closed. The old Sidekicks all had some nice color and style to them.

    And please make it a flip screen and not a slider!

  21. CEO states it will also be touch screen and the rolling boll is the shit! thats what makes the sidekick a sidekick

  22. The very best Sidekick was/is the Sidekick LX.

    The best spacious keyboard ever. I sure hope that they make it like the Sidekick LX.

    I am so very bummed that Microsoft is discontinuing the dedicated Danger web server for Sidekick.

    This better be a better Sidekick than all of the others and with alot more memory.

    And also be comparable to the Sidekick LX so that I can easily import all of my 5 years worth of Sidekick 2 & LX stuff.

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