Sanjay Jha Confirms Motorola XOOM Will Be $799 at Verizon, Wi-Fi Only around $600


According to a report originating at Reuters, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has confirmed what Best Buy leaks previously suggested: the Motorola XOOM will be priced at $799 when it lands on Verizon Wireless. We can only hope that carrier subsidies can put some sort of dent in that high figure, but after spending enough time with the XOOM it is, in my opinion, definitely worth every dollar. The silver lining (get it?) is that the Wi-Fi only version will cost around $600 up front.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may have suffered from pricing, but it was an overall flawed tablet experience to begin with. With Google’s backing and Android Honeycomb, the excellent hardware should still draw buyers, right? We know it’s a favorite pastime of Android enthusiasts (including ourselves) to lament the expensive nature of Android tablets, but that comes from a history of ultimately disappointing devices. But with a Wi-Fi only version priced competitively to the iPad and offering a comparable if not superior experience, isn’t the price justified? I have some confidence that the new Android tablet experience backed by big-name manufacturers could help alleviate fears of investing money in Android tablets. Motorola did it for their smartphone business and Android in general with the Droid, didn’t they? Why not with the XOOM, too?

This thing is set to launch any week now, so best start counting the pennies in the piggy, boys and girls. It’s going to take 79,900 cents worth of them.

[via LSE Finance & Stock News]

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  1. i guess these prices are here to stay :( i want my lg slate

  2. whoa, nearly $8,000? i would check your math on that penny count

  3. 1000 cents make up a dollar???!!!!!!!

  4. hahah. these things are getting pretty outragous with their prices.

  5. I am ready to buy :) Nice to see a WiFi only version. $600 seems reasonable to me.

  6. should be 79,900 cents lol

  7. In Yen maybe :-P Well I welcome $599 for this WiFi Tablet or the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but the G-Slate should be no more than $499 I don’t care.

  8. Makes you wonder if they leaked the 1200 dollar number to make 600 seem cheap by comparison.

    I’m still going to wait and see.

  9. $600 for a WiFi only version? Sounds like I might not be getting an i*ad 2 after all.

  10. The reason the non-wifi version is so expensive it because it’s 4G. If you’ve noticed, all non-subsidized 4G devices are very expensive right now, because it’s a new technology yet.


  11. Where are you getting the $600 figure? I don’t see it in the article links referenced..


  12. all tablet manufacturers involved in price gauging?? costs more than a laptop? really?

  13. Much improvement on the original price (with regard to the wifi only), but I really can’t wait anymore so I’m preording mine tomorrow for next week’s release. The extra 200 is worth it to me, seeing as how there is no date for the wifi only and most likely it won’t be for a few more months, if Samsung Galaxy Tab wifi only example is any indication (and we STILL have yet to hear a release date on that one!)

  14. But can it stream netflix? No? Then I’ll wait for the next one.

  15. Thanks anyway, with quad core tablets coming in around 6 months I think I’ll pass on the overly expensive soon to be outdated tablet. Since it’s more something that I want than need 6-8 months won’t be that long.

  16. I’ll be picking up two WiFi units at the $600 price point. One for work and one for the wife to use at home.

  17. WTF, Laptops are the same $#$%PRICE

  18. $600 dollars for the WiFi version? Sold! I think that is a very reasonable price.
    Now, I only hope that the bootloader will not be locked. I know, I’m dreaming.

  19. Ahh… looks like the XOOM may be mine afterall… I can handle $600 for a WiFi-only tablet!

  20. @ brad
    really. The xoom is 4g? Pretty sure it comes with 3g and upgradeable to 4g

  21. Less power than a laptop? Not much more convenient than a netbook with swivel display? I’ll just hold onto my nook color till prices on more formidable tablets drop.

  22. It amazes me that people think an unsubsidized tablet should be less expensive than an unsubsidized phone.
    My Nexus One was $530. $600 for this device is very fair.
    It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

  23. So is the Wi-Fi version launching on the same day?

  24. What sucks is no Netflix on this thing.

  25. Not too shabby… Now gimme a 16gig WIFI version for $499 tops and I’ll be a happy camper. Or how about a 7″ 16gig WIFI version for $299?!

  26. No Netflix yet. They are about to release Netflix for Android’s with Snapdragon processors. I am sure we will see it soon especially since Android is about to rule the world. They would be stupid not to with so many users.

  27. @Brad the Xoom is not shipping with 4g, it will require a hardware upgrade that verizon will do for free.

  28. LOL @Paul

  29. $600 isn’t too bad for the wifi version. I have no problem paying $100 more than the cheapest ipad for a much better tablet. That’s if I had any interest in a tablet which I don’t.

    Tablets are non essential devices and always will be. they don’t do anything a cell phone netbook or small notebook can’t do better. I’ll take a laptop and cellphone with a desktop at home thank you very much. these tablets are all going to end up in peoples closets next to their Atari 2600’s covered with dust.

  30. Not interested for that price. With the multi-core hot tablets coming, why would I spend that much money on something that I can get for much less….

  31. Love the pricing, they managed to meet the iPad pricing exactly in a vastly, vastly superior product.

  32. – I’m not sure you can say that tablets are non essential for everyone. I for one will be replacing my work laptop with a Xoom. I’ve had a laptop for the past 13 years of my work life but my use has changed. With many of my tools now being in the cloud I’ve got less and less reason to carry around a laptop. Instead I’ll have a desktop on my desk (with remote access) and the Xoom for when I’m not at my desk.

  33. Sorry Sanjay, I’ll save my $600 a few months and get a quad core tablet.

  34. Why would I buy a Mercedes when I can get a Kia much cheaper? It depends on what you want. To each his own. I think the Xoom WiFi only will sell very well and prices will come down later this year.

  35. I do have to agree with peeps that at $799 I can get a laptop so I dont see how they can charge the same price for something that does less with less memory, speed, ports, drives. I mean it’s a guchi media player with access to the iternet. I hate all the app1e crap with there complete control over there products. I do have to say with all these tablets coming out doing pretty much the same thing with almost the same specs I am going to have to wait and see what comes out with the best price. Another big thing to look at is the new quad core cpu’s coming out and said to be in tablet’s in August. Why spend that money when it will be obsolete in 6 months?? I know it’s going to be hard to wait that long, especially with all the hype going on with these tablets but I am definetly going to try and hold out as long as I can lol

  36. I’ll need netflix before I get one. Got that big beautiful screen, sure… but what am I supposed to watch on it?

  37. Wait a few months an buy the XOON from China. It’ll be dirt cheap and worth every penny. Some people just like to complain.

  38. Sadly, i’ll pay 600 for the wifi version. Hell, I paid 500 for my Galaxy tab.

  39. naaa netflix is mostly crappy movies anyway. It’s only good for getting blu-rays by mail.

  40. How many of you that are holding out for the quad core tablet currently own a quad core computer? I make my living on the web and own many computers, none of which have a quad core. Not that quad cores aren’t cool or don’t have a place, It’s just funny to read about ‘the guy’ who thinks he is somehow outsmarting the development cycle by waiting for the next big thing. Yeah… Have fun with your flip phone. I’ll take the best of what is available TODAY and may just end up getting the next big thing as well.

  41. @Steveo – Agreed, what are you planning on doing with your tablet that you need 4 cores? 2 cores is more than enough for what I’m planning.

  42. So Netflix is suddenly the “most have” app? The new deal breaker? When was it ever said that Netflix would be on this tablet immediately?.
    Netflix will come. Netflix would be nice now for sure. However, watching it on a tablet is just kind of lame. Especially if we’re talking about the WiFi version. I’d imagine most people would be using it in their house… where their Televisions are. “I can watch a movie on my 50+ inch TV, or my 10 inch tablet… which will I choose?”
    It seems like a nitpick to dismiss this device because of a temporary absence of Netflix.

  43. How Sanjay Jha has managed to keep his job as CEO is nothing short of amazing.

  44. @Bizzle9

    You’re thinking of the Netflix thing the wrong way. OBVIOUSLY people at home will use their televisions over their tablets. The main issue is portability. I go the the gym everyday (not that you’d think by looking at me) and I’d LOVE to be able to stream shows like 30 Rock or The Office directly to my device while I work out. Sure, I could use BT and just download all the shows I want and load them on, but legalities aside that’s just a pain in the butt when I know there’s a streaming option available.

  45. @Bizzle9
    Exactly. For the wifi-only version, I’ll be using it primarily in my house. I’m not watching a movie on a 10″ screen, no matter how nice it is, when I have a 55″ TV hooked up to my HTPC.

    What I am interested in, however, is turning the tablet into a remote for my HTPC. For $600 and without the Verizon tax, it is a much more appealing option now than before.

  46. I see a lot of you willing to pay $600 for the WiFi-only version of this thing. Well, while I think it looks like it’ll be a really nice tablet; I think they need to knock about $200 off the price of it, if they expect it to really be competitive… at the very least $100.

    @ $600/$799 – overpriced for the general public
    @ $500/$699 – maybe…
    @ $400/$599 – winner =)

    Just my opinion, but it seems to me that these tablets are being released at prices much too close to those of fully-functional laptops. IMO, they should be getting base models (WiFi-only) out around the $300 price point, mid-range around $400-$500 and high-end (3G/4G) $500+; I’d consider this device midrange for the WiFi version (only WiFi, but has higher-end components), and highend for the 3G version.

  47. Why don’t you babies whining about price move away from the Wally World of price fixing and realize that the price reflexes the complexity and usefulness of the product. You cry and whine about wanting this feature and that feature and 4G and dual-core and RAM. Then expect to get it for a bottom basement price. You want to drive a Mercedes, you are not getting it for a the price of a KIA. Suck it up or move on to something less capable and grow a set.

  48. @David
    I don’t deny that Netflix would be nice. Actually, it WILL be nice when it arrives. But I don’t get how it’s suddenly a deal breaker for some people.

  49. $600? SOLD.

  50. I do not understand people that assume that you can sell hardware with twice the power of an ipad for the same or lower price ..
    And comparing to a laptop, how are you thinking?!?!

    Sometimes I believe that a lot of the people hanging here really dont have so much knowledge about this things as they say.

  51. $600? No data plan required to activate WiFi?

    Suddenly the XOOM is back in the running, though now it’s gotta compete with the Tab 10.1. If Moto includes anti-root hardware that could swing it.

  52. Too expensive. I will settle for a $500 iPad

  53. People who are saying they will wait for 6 months to get a quad core tablet, have you ever heard of the Best Buy Buy Back Program? If you get the Wifi version of the xoom for $600, in 6 months when a newer and better tablet comes out best buy will give you $300 towards that new tablet. I think thats not a bad choice for people who want the newest products today.

    And when did Netflix ever come into consideration for this tablet as being a deal breaker? Eventually every Android phone will have Netflix, and Motorola nor Verizon nor Netflix ever said it would be coming on this device at launch. Why get your panties up in a bunch now? First it was pricing, then its the bezel issue and now its Netflix out of nowhere? Come on people, it’s technology and technology isn’t perfect just by the fact that it is continuously getting better. Plus Netflix is software so you won’t have to upgrade your device.

  54. Ya for $600 I can have a decent laptop.
    I am still holding out hope that the Toshiba will be a reasonable price point.
    $499 for the G Slate?
    It has 3D so I would add another 150 to that price.

  55. LOL@Signit…
    But yea, $600 is comparable to whats out now. Like some other tablets, the price went down eventually. Moto just trying to get some extra money from initial sales.
    I wonder that exact same thing fairness tho, newer smart phones for the most part dont go up in price a whole lot from earlier smart phones, if at all. Look at the dual core phones coming out. Some are actually be cheaper than current single core phones.

  56. Why wouldn’t you compare it to a laptop? A laptop can do anything these tablets can do and more.

  57. It makes sense that they are charging that much. They need more crack, and that’s expensive, and charging that much for something with half the functionality of a netbook that is 1/3 the price means that they are clearly ON CRACK.

    Wake me up when android tablet manufactures get slaughtered wholesale by the clue stick.

  58. @Rhy
    Half the functionality? Please explain

  59. Netbooks suck. I can’t take anyone seriously who says otherwise.

  60. Tablets/iPads suck. I can’t take anyone seriously who says otherwise.

  61. Netbooks and tablets both suck. That’s why I’m for big screen smartphones with keyboards that I can take anywhere.

  62. @Sam I Amdroid

    I’m still waiting on a valid reason why they suck?

  63. haha @sam i amdroid your last comment made me laugh. You obviously care enough to troll twice in a single article. Get a life and go eat a cookie

  64. Tablets are a third device for those that want them. Netbooks are a shitty second device.

  65. It was mentioned on Engadget that the $800 price is unsubsidized, so yeah, getting it on contract should make it cheaper. The $600 price tag for the wifi sounds absolutely perfect to me. I bought my 32GB wifi iPad for the same price last April, and a 32GB Xoom with even more robust hardware and a great OS sounds even better. If the wifi version somehow manages to come out the same day as the 3G, there’s a good chance I may pick one up at launch.

  66. Now ur talking!

  67. Early adopters will always pay top dollar for new technology. Laptops have been established for many years now and the mass production of parts/competition in the market allows the price to remain low. Give it a couple of years when many different manufacturers are making 10″ oled capacitive screens and the manufacturing process of these components is refined, then you’ll find pricess
    will come down. for now however tough s**t, you’ll have to pay your ransom

  68. So you’re planning on waiting for quadcore processors? For what? To have to be outdated by tablets with better graphic cards, processors, RAM and, more hard drive space? You’re going to have to be a tablet that going to be outdated in “6-8” month because that’s the pace of technology.

  69. I don’t get the hype about tablets. They’re too big to be a cell-phone replacement (nor do they even make calls). They’re too underpowered to be a notebook replacement. They’re too awkward to type on. They’re too expensive when a comparably powered (and significantly MORE useable) netbook is like $300. They seem dumb to me. And I’m sure as hell not paying $600 for one! You could get TWO HTC Evos for less than that, and they run the same apps AND make phone calls!

  70. People that dont get the hype about Tablets…form factor. Its that simple.
    With a tablet, sometimes it looks like you are reading a book if someone is looking at you from the front or at a distance from the side.
    That alone would make me feel safer pulling out a Tablet with a cover that opens like a book on public transportation. Some of the areas I lived in, I gotta think about my safety…lol
    I’m about to get into eBooks, rebuild my library electronically. A tablet would be alot easier to read them on vs. a netbook or notebook.
    Viewing movies, its easier to get the best viewing angle with a tablet.

  71. yes.. i need the netflix app. and TABLETS NEED TO HAVE CD/DVD/BLU RAY DRIVE!!

  72. If this had an active digitizer and a pen capable of taking notes, then that would be a good price. Else it is just an expensive toy with no real purpose.

  73. tablets are a natural evolution from notebook -> netbook -> tablets..why? portability and ease of use.. recently ive observed my computer habits and most of the time all i do was surf, social network, view photos and videos, what better gadget to do all that than a tablet..i find my netbook too cumbersome to use now, it’s annoying that you have to navigate your mouse from one cornet to another corner, very slow to start, and the keyboard is a waste of space when you are not using it all the time, you cannot hold a netbook when your standing, lounging, going to kitchen to get something, UI and user navigation is much more polished and efficient for touch based OS..people wake up, windows OS and mouse based operations are going obsolete, mouse and keyboards are unnecessary clutter, waste of space and battery when you can use your fingers to navigate which feels more natural and intuitive..mark my words, there will come a time windows OS will be obsolete, it’s time to evolve, we cannot be using one OS forever

  74. Much better. I’ll pay $600 for wifi only.

  75. totally buying a wifi xoom IF the bootloader isnt encrypted

  76. The Galaxy Tab comparisons are stupid. I have a VZW Tab that I have now had for a long time, the Xoom is not evan on the market!
    I paid 500 for the VZW Tab, and am absolutely loving the $20 1 GB data plan on the go and wifi at the home and office.
    Am I taking crazy pills? How many Tab haters have actually spent time with one?

  77. @sam and steveo, the reason I’ll wait is because the Xoom wifi version will most likely be released after the Verizon version. So if the Xoom is released at the end of this month and wifi version end of April start of May that’s a 4 to 5 month wait for Quad Core. I bet there are a lot of people that are going to wait on their upgrade for the Bionic to be released, should people not do that because the Thunderbolt aka Verizon Evo is coming out, I mean according to the steveo argument they don’t really need that much power in a phone. I would agree with not waiting if quad core was a year or two away, but a few extra months is not that long.

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