Feb 16th, 2011

According to a report originating at Reuters, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha has confirmed what Best Buy leaks previously suggested: the Motorola XOOM will be priced at $799 when it lands on Verizon Wireless. We can only hope that carrier subsidies can put some sort of dent in that high figure, but after spending enough time with the XOOM it is, in my opinion, definitely worth every dollar. The silver lining (get it?) is that the Wi-Fi only version will cost around $600 up front.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may have suffered from pricing, but it was an overall flawed tablet experience to begin with. With Google’s backing and Android Honeycomb, the excellent hardware should still draw buyers, right? We know it’s a favorite pastime of Android enthusiasts (including ourselves) to lament the expensive nature of Android tablets, but that comes from a history of ultimately disappointing devices. But with a Wi-Fi only version priced competitively to the iPad and offering a comparable if not superior experience, isn’t the price justified? I have some confidence that the new Android tablet experience backed by big-name manufacturers could help alleviate fears of investing money in Android tablets. Motorola did it for their smartphone business and Android in general with the Droid, didn’t they? Why not with the XOOM, too?

This thing is set to launch any week now, so best start counting the pennies in the piggy, boys and girls. It’s going to take 79,900 cents worth of them.

[via LSE Finance & Stock News]

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