Samsung Galaxy Mini, Fit, Gio, Ace: Hands-On at MWC


Samsung unveiled four entry-level Android handsets last month – the Mini, Fit, Gio and Ace – and we got our grubby hands on them for the first time (as expected) at Mobile World Congress.

None of these devices will blow you away but they’re the type of offering I’d suggest to a first time smartphone user who doesn’t want to be bothered with the Android learning curve and a huge piece of hardware in their pocket. Want an introductory Android that does a lot more than your current phone and the ability to do so much more if you’re up for learning? The Mini, Fit, Gio, or Ace could be your next phone.

The Galaxy Mini reminded me a lot of the HTC Wildfire S announced yesterday. They’re both new iterations of successful phones but I thought they looked alike, too. Comparing them side by side I notice less of a difference, but both reminded me of smaller, dumbed down versions of the Nexus One.

We’re always eager to see the next age of elite phones but don’t forget there is a massive number of non-smartphone users the manufacturers would love to convert. Maybe the Galaxy Mini, Fit, Gio and Ace will help accomplish that task.

T-Mobile USA will launch the Galaxy Mini in the Spring for $50 to $75 on a 2-year contract.

Rob Jackson
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