Haier Android Lineup Makes Me Feel Nostalgic


Remember the good old days of Android, when only one phone existed and digging up news and rumors on any others was like Sherlock Holmes detective work? I do… and it was during those days that we told you about the Haier H7 Android phone that ran Android 1.5 with a 2.8-inch LCD screen and 2MP camera.

How things have changed. Not only are those specs that would currently make any Android enthusiast wince, but Haier has been hard at work on their Android lineup.

While they don’t have any stateside powerhouses, you’ve got to give it to Haier for making a run at Android. They’ve got some new products coming out in the upcoming months and they’re eager to share them with us. We’ll keep you posted if they bring anything noteworthy, but until then enjoy some of the pics I snapped in their booth.

Rob Jackson
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  1. Just what we needed.

  2. Every product Haier makes is garbage. They don’t know how to do it any other way.

  3. @super_six_two never had any problems with my washing machine or fridge

  4. @ghostofcain Then you are super lucky. I used to sell their appliances. 9/10 were returned with problems.

  5. yeah, i dont think i would get either one of these phones.
    i do however love those pins on the 2 phones. haha.

  6. now, whatever happened to that Saygus phone…

  7. I think there’s a reason why their products aren’t sold in the rest of Asia…

  8. Looks like the wiffleball equivilent of a brick.

  9. HEY!! Not everything they make is crap!! i have a fridge that I’ve had for years! It can hold about a case of beer and a little freezer! Perfect nightstand! LOL

  10. A KIRF model for every Android ever built and BB’s too! Thats great! lol

  11. Don’t know about the phone, but the Haier fridge I have under my bar holds a case of beer and many bottles of wine and has worked great for years.

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