Seeing in the Dark: Sony Ericsson Showcases their Exmor R Camera Sensor for Mobile


At Sony Ericsson’s booth at Mobile World Congress, aside from great new Android handsets like the Xperia Play and Xperia Arc and great accessories like the LiveView, they also have a neat little demo set up showing off their Exmor R camera sensor technology. It is designed to be a superior camera for low-light situations, and their demo involving a series of blacked out boxes had some pretty unbelievable results.

Shooting through a tiny hole in the front, the Exmor R brought out color and detail that was even hard to see with just your eyes. Pretty impressive stuff. We were too engrossed in toying around with the Xperia Play to get our own demo, but thankfully Sony Ericsson has provided us with one they shot themselves. Pretty cool, huh? This sensor is found in three out of four of their SE’s new Android handsets: the Xperia Arc, Xperia Neo, and Xperia Pro. That means the Xperia Play is the odd man out, but who has time for pictures when you’re so busy gaming?

[via SE]

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  1. Pretty awesome! Looking forward to seeing stuff from Sony

  2. This has got to be BS. Even high end compact cameras like the Canon S95 can’t shoot that well in low light because the sensor is just too small to use a high ISO(without making the picture look like one big ball of noise). I noticed they didn’t actually take any pictures. They just showed what was on the screen before taking a picture.

  3. Huh? You can see the object moving as his hand shakes.

    This is not new technology SONY has added this feature to their cameras/camcorders in the past. The technology is in the CCD as it is very sensitive to light. They packaged it as night vision or night shots.


  4. cool. good uses for cheaters! lol.

  5. Want.

  6. Damn!! Does this mean better pics and video with regular shots too?
    If so, the N8 might lose the crown for best camera on a smart phone…

  7. I have the Sony WX1 point and shoot camera with Exmor R.

    The extreme low light capabilities is definitely “magical”.

    With good composition, people actually thought my night pics were taken with SLR camera.

    Looking forward to test in person if the Exmor R sensor for mobile will come close.

  8. @Dave @=X=

    This is not a CCD, nor is it ubiquitious (hence the S95 not having it). It’s called a backlight CMOS chip. Basically, a normal CMOS chip has all sorts of circuitry in front of it, preventing a lot of light. A backlight CMOS has this stuff behind it, drastically increasing light gathering abilities. It’s super impressive.

  9. They did a snap shot demo using the Xperia Arc to compare with one of the popular smartphones during the product launch in Malaysia on 6 Apr. The video was put on youtube, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7vxpNDFMm4.

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