Feb 15th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 10th, 2021, 5:05 pm

The HTC Wildfire was a low-end Android and a pretty successful device in its own right. The HTC Wildfire S continues the concept, but this should put Android into the hands of even more masses. Imagine a small version of the Nexus One, mashed together with improved HTC Wildfire specs and you’ve got yourself the HTC Wildfire S.

One great thing about the Wildfire is that it’s running Android 2.3 which is (as of now) the most current version of the OS. You get the full Android/smartphone experience with the Wildfire S, just without the high-end luxuries and specs of a superphone. In terms of capabilities, anyone going from a feature phone or dumb phone to the Wildfire will still be blown away. I mean, it’s still Android in all its glory.

Also note the Wildfire has a 3.2-inch screen and fits in an extremely slender frame. This has two polarizing qualities:

  • It’s the definition of pocketable. Nobody switching from a dumb or feature phone will complain about the size or portability.
  • Small screen = small keyboard. Typing on the software keyboard is cramped.

Pricing and availability for the Wildfire S haven’t been named, but the clear purpose is entry-level affordability, and with the looks of a miniature Nexus One I’m rather liking the total package. That is, if you’re an introductory Android/Smartphone user. If that’s the case, won’t be bothered by the underwhelming Wildfire Specs and instead will seek more info!

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