Motorola Pro is Droid Pro for Europe, XOOM Headed there as well


The MWC madness has brought us yet another announcement. The Motorola Droid Pro will be making its way to Europe as simply the Motorola Pro. The BlackBerry-esque Android smartphone looks to challenge the enterprise market all over when the phone launches. Check out the video below if you need a refresher.

Also, one of the most anticipated Android tablets — one we have been getting a fresh look at here at MWC — the Motorola XOOM will be joining the Motorola Pro on its trip across the pond. It will be available in both 3G and WiFi-only flavors.

[via YouTube]

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  1. I think that the pro will do really well in other markets, its just too bad its taking so long to roll out.

  2. The post says that the XOOM will be going to Europe in 3G and Wifi-only. Does that mean the US will also be getting a wifi only?

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