LG Optimus Pad (G-Slate) First Look at MWC [Video]


The Android tablet scene is starting to look quite a bit different. Dozens of lack-luster and poorly designed slates are giving a way to a handful of powerful tablet PCs featuring Android 3.0. With this unified UI experience comes a slight drawback: two of the Honeycomb devices we have seen — the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Motorola XOOM — feature remarkably similar spec sheets. The LG Optimus Pad doesn’t fade into the crowd however, with a 8.9-inch widescreen design that mixes the portability of the 7-inch Galaxy Tab with the fuller-featured experience of Honeycomb on a large screen.

Operating system aside, other than its 8.9-inch screen the Optimus Pad (or G-Slate in the States) hosts another unique design element, the ability to record 3D content. As you will see in our quick hands-on, the Optimus Tab can’t playback that video in 3D, but it can stream via HDMI or DLNA to your 3D TV set or the Optimus 3D handset. If you really need 3D on the Optimus Tab, there is a way via the camcorders anaglyph mode. This is your traditional red/cyan 3D glasses of yesteryear, so you’ll look extra dorky if this is the case. So, what do you think?

Bonus Honeycomb content from the press conference:

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  1. first guys to come out with a ruggedized one get my money and loyalty.

  2. I wonder why I’m not hearing anybody say how stupid it would be to to walk around taking pictures and video with a tablet. Would YOU do it?

  3. Thats the ONLY reason I’m not getting a g-slate vs the other two, you can’t even watch the 3D stuff you recorded! And I don’t have a 3DTV so I have to pass and wait for the next generation of 3D tablets…the Optimus 3D on the other hand might very well be my next phone

  4. Er, it’s been shown twice and we still know nothing about the actual specs of this thing other than what anyone can see on the outside?!?

  5. Ah, nevermind, that’s in a story further down. Sorry.

  6. Whats the price? And do all these tabs take a SDHC card like the toshiba?

    So far Toshiba is looking like best option…Unless its going to be priced at a dumb price.

  7. “As you will see in our quick hands-on, the Optimus Tab can’t playback that video in 3D, but it can stream via HDMI or DLNA to your 3D TV set or the Optimus 3D handset”

    Opps.. you called it the Tab!

    Device looks great, however, I highly doubt LG will be selling the G-Slate for less than $700 WITH A CONTRACT.

  8. Who the heck needs to record stuff in 3-D video? That’s a bell & whistle that doesn’t appeal to me.

    What DOES appeal to me is the SIZE. The 9-inch screen might strike a good balance, it should give you plenty of screen real estate but be a bit easier to handle, especially holding in one hand, than a 10-inch.

  9. one more camera and 3D support = higher price

  10. @PimpStrong im with you, Im not about to walk around trying to be the next Jim Camron, WTF stop bandwagoning and throw a 5mp front facing so my video chat is in crispy 720P.

  11. Not as good as ZTE and others but still way ahead of crApple and Playcrap device. Humma humma.

  12. I couldn’t care less about the 3D but if this thing comes to market under $700 before motorola releases a wifi-only xoom it shall be mine!

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