Feb 11th, 2011

ViewSonic has been working hardcoming up with innovative technologies you won’t be able to live without, and it seems that one of their main priorities is focusing on flexibility. No, they aren’t offering Groupon pre-installed with unlimited Yoga coupons, they’re letting you make choices on key issues instead of forcing them upon you.

Take for example the ViewSonic V350 for the world traveler. It lets you put two SIM cards into one device, meaning you can take advantage of various voice/data plans depending on the country and SIMs you’re currently using. You’ll hear more from me about Android phones, and phones in general, offering more flexibility for international support. Until carriers get it together and to it themselves, I’m glad to see a company like Viewsonic try to address the issue as best they can.

The ViewSonic ViewPad 10 Pro is another device offering flexibility. We first saw this at CES but were reminded after ViewSonic improved the device to include 3G. What it already had? The ability to dual-boot Windows and Android… and you gotta love that!

SIMs, Operating Systems… what other types of dual (or multi) flexibility integrations are you looking for in your phones and tablets?

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