A Mobile Minute with the Motorola Atrix 4G’s Docking Options


You’ve seen the Motorola Atrix 4G for AT&T get a mobile minute, but here is an extra sixty seconds devoted solely to its docking options. Not much to add to a video that does the best job it can to tell you why this is a pretty cool feature. It definitely won’t replace your day-to-day computing hardware, but in a pinch it could do the trick. Just not for $499.99…

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  1. It would be sweet if there was a universal dock like this for all Android phones, since most do use micro usb.

  2. Still not worth the 499 asking price no matter how cool .

  3. Very cool, but a price EPIC fail.

  4. @1 jodog25
    It would be nice if there was a docking connector standard mandated by Google. Then we’d seriously see some more accessories.

    PS: More than just using microusb. I’m referring to position rather than connector type.

  5. It would be nicer if it used chrome instead of firefox, or just use ChromeOS instead of whatever Moto is using as its Instant-On OS

  6. 20 minutes in the developers hands and it’ll be available for anyone with a micro usb port.

  7. Anything computer i buy must be able to play starcraft.

  8. This is just an extended keyboard and screen. Worth about $50 IMHO.

  9. bought it from AT&T; downloaded the 354 page manual; returned it for full refund 12 days later. I returned to my old IPhone which I have been unable to synch with Outlook since July. If these companies used a standard interface I could switch. I use Outlook 2010 for contacts and calendars,IPhone won;t synch with it, so I can’t even plug it into my 64bit laptop to update or add new apps or I lose my contacts and appointments. I didn’t lose anything with the Android, but that doesn’t work with Outlook either. i am still waiting for something that will work, and I pay ATT monthly until I sign a new contract when I get a phone that will work.

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