Motorola Atrix 4G Review Roundup


We’ve been keeping busy with phone reviews: most recently I posted an Optimus 2X Review while Quentyn hooked you up with a post-launch look in his EVO Shift 4G Review. What about the highly anticipated Atrix 4G from AT&T? We’re still working on getting a review unit (Hi there, AT&T!) but in the meantime, don’t want our faithful readers to miss out on good advice.

Here are some Motorola Atrix 4G Reviews from around the web that you might be interested to read before making a purchase:

  • Laptop Mag gave it a 3.5 out of 5, saying it could be the answer for executives looking to travel light when paired with the laptop dock but they criticized AT&T’s network
  • CNET claims the accessories are “decidedly cool”, but says the Atrix 4G stands on its own as an awesome device.
  • BGR calls it “Very impressive”
  • GigaOM gives a first look

It seems like the reviews are just trickling out… heck, even Engadget posted a notice for their review, linking to their review, only to say that their review was “coming soon”. So can you blame us? Fine, probably, because you hold us to such high standards. We know, we know, and we’re currently at MWC trying to live up to them.

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I'm an Android and Tech lover, but first and foremost I consider myself a creative thinker and entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for ideas of all sizes. I'm a sports lover who cheers for the Orange (College), Ravens (NFL), (Orioles), and Yankees (long story). I live in Baltimore and wear it on my sleeve, with an Under Armour logo. I also love traveling... where do you want to go?

A Mobile Minute with the Motorola Atrix 4G’s Docking Options

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  1. Bleh

  2. 2nd to the line. ;P

  3. Waiting for evo 2….but this looking nice

  4. hmmm, if Thunderbolt is pushed to Feb. 24 then waiting another 10 days for the Atrix is tempting…. Nope, changed my mind. Can’t wait that long to dump this 2 year old iphone 3G. If both were available at the same time I’d still go Thunderbolt because VZW > AT&T.

  5. The Laptop Mag review actually links to the not-yet-posted Engadget review…

  6. I can’t wait for AnandTech review. That’s the only tech site that I trust.

  7. Im actually first in line. My local AT&T store won’t be doing any pre-orders.

  8. I’m waiting to see if they can get the bootloader unlocked and the phone rooted before I jump on this.

  9. putting in my pre-order this sunday..

    Also, take a look at the Facebook ATT page… 499$ price tag is for combined phone & dock…. so 300$ for the dock is not too bad imo.

    dates confirmed for release and preorder as well, under comments to the 1min video

  10. I bet the Enapplet review will trash it now since the Verizon iPhone appears to be a flop. I bet every Android review for the next few months will be full of salt.


  12. No thanks. This isn’t going to be “all that”. If it was stock Android with an unlocked bootloader, then maybe. The dock isn’t worth $300.00 when you compare it to laptop and netbooks.

  13. well its all that and a bag of chips to me, aye if yall dont like sumthin, then go invent the shit, and vzw, well yall can have that shit, att all day baby


  15. I’m curious as to why you think the Evo 2 will be so much better than the Atrix? What else can they jam into a phone? Honestly! Motorola atrix with the first ever dual core mobile processor in a phone > HTC Evo…. Whatever model they come out with.

    I’m just pumped that motorola is finally taking control of the mobile phone market once again!!!

  16. HTC dishes out the same thing every time. By the looks of it, the next high-end HTC device will have a dual-core processor, less RAM, 8MP camera, front-facing camera, the usual design, no fingerprint sensor, no accessories.

    So what exactly is so much better about it? June 2011? Why should I wait that long when a phone that’s just as good if not better is out in March?

  17. the laptopmag link points to engadget…

  18. @T… You actually act like you work for htc… WE ALL KNOW THAT’S NOT TRUE… The next wave of htc devices will have 1gig of ram don’t worry the Atrix won’t be the only device with that. Plus lets not get beside our self great concept it is but not WITH ASS T&T… Looks like they SHOT THEMSELVES IN THE FOOT BEFORE THIS DEVICE EVEN LAUNCHED WITH THERE SELFISH CREEDY PRICING… ANOTHER CARRIER WILL COME OUT WITH THERE VERSION OF THIS CONCEPT AND PRICE IT CORRECTLY INCLUDING THE ACCESSORIES TRUST ME ON THAT

  19. Not going to pre-order on Sunday. Why so early? The phone won’t be out until 2 weeks later. I’m going to wait a few more days. A retailer might put out a lower price, and who knows what MWC will bring.

  20. These are the questions I’ll be asking.

    Will the phone/laptop work without tethering?
    Can tethering can be canceled after one month, though signing a two year contract?

    I’m going to get the phone. No doubt about that. Whether I purchase the laptop depends on how AT&T answers the questions above. I show the pricing options below given the different answers I might get. The options do not include the data plan cost.

    Option 1
    phone/laptop is $500 after rebate + $20/month tether
    If locked into a two year contract with tethering:
    $500 + $480 = $980

    Option 2
    If tethering not required (do rebate, cancel tether after 1 month):
    $500 + $20 = $520.

    Option 3
    If tethering not required (buy phone and laptop separately):
    $200 + $500 = $700

    The obvious solution is option 2. If you cannot cancel tethering, and the phone/laptop does not require tethering, option 3 is the best way to go.

    I’m curious to ask AT&T these questions and get their answers. If the phone/laptop can work without tethering, then someone did not think out the package/plans very well.

    As others said, I agree the laptop is way over priced.

  21. Waiting for atrix 2.

  22. This device is good device, but the network it runs on I bad.

  23. Is bad

  24. Damn to bad that the UI is to slow un this one

  25. AT&T is a good network at least where I am on average I get full 3G speed.

  26. that was a very bad review of the phone. IMO.

  27. wow. whats going on with the comments im trying to post!!?

  28. iphone 5 will outshine all as usual

  29. Picked up this phone this week and so far I’m loving it. I came back to Android from an iPhone 4 as soon as I had the chance. (A coworker wanted my phone and traded me her subsidized discount for my iPhone) A noticeable reduction in pixel density was the only downside of the trade. More than worth it to be able to once again customize… you know…. anything about my mobile device.

    I have read below article its in very detailed about Motorola Atrix 4G..

    Motorola Atrix 4G Reviews!

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