More Rumors Build Around HTC/Facebook Phone, Dedicated Facebook Button


If you’re at all hoping for a true Facebook phone, The UK’s Financial Times has some bad news for you. The upcoming HTC phone rumored to get deep integration of the social networking service won’t actually be the Facebook phone. We don’t necessarily ever believe there will be one, either, but there is some good news if you are a constant Facebook refresher.

The phone will indeed feature a lot more Facebook support than we have seen in previous Android phones, much in the same way as the INQ Cloud Touch. This integration will go a bit farther, even, with the introduction of a dedicated Facebook button. HTC plans to push the phone heavily throughout 2011, so we expect to hear a lot about it next week at MWC.

[via Eurodroid]

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  1. I watched the published video and was not impressed with the UX, at least for me they have a long way to go.

  2. I still dont get why people even want a phone dedicated to facebook.

  3. Just a curious question, what do people with the Facebook phone do when Facebook is no longer popular? People thought MySpace was going to stick around for a while but Facebook dethroned it. Something better will come along…

  4. @blest Its a perfect phone for the teenager who needs to let everyone know what theyre doing all the time.

  5. This is an absolutely horrible idea… Would never purchase this product, or use the ‘facebook’ button. I think people can manage waiting the .4 seconds it takes to find the app in the app drawer…

  6. This is dumb…i dunno what else to say…

  7. I trust that the people at facebook would not be spending a serious amount of energy on a “dedicated” (however you want to define that) phone if they didn’t think it would offer interesting features that their existing apps for blackberry/android/ios don’t already offer. But for the life of me, I can’t think of one major thing that isn’t already addressed by the facebook apps or which couldn’t be added to it. I actually don’t use any facebook app, but my friend has it for blackberry and it syncs all the contacts (which is cool if you’re into facebook), but you don’t need a dedicated phone to do that.

    I’m just wondering what these obviously intelligent people have in store for a “facebook phone.” Anyone have any ideas?

  8. Because teenagers are such a small market and all /sarcasm. Apparently HTC couldn’t care less if you would buy this phone but they believe someone will and I would agree that this device can find a huge nuche. Facebook is still the king of social networking for teenagers and so far there hasn’t been many challengers to that that title.

  9. facebook is skynet.

  10. The way I see it. With the lack of such simple features like push notifications decent chat or anything else that comes with the blackberry or the iPhone Facebook apps for android
    Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want a dedicated Facebook phone? The Facebook Android app is a damn joke. I can only imagine what would happen with a phone. If they ccant get an app right they aren’t going to do much better with a phone.

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