LG Optimus Pad Transforms and Rolls Out in New MWC Promo [Video]


This is the moment I have been waiting for since LG first brought the Optimus name to it’s Android lineup: a direct Transformers tie-in with the big man himself, Optimus Prime. A new MWC promo video for the Optimus Pad (G-Slate in America) shows the tablet transforming in the leader of the Autobots and proceeding to pummel Megatron.

The faux flick is attributed to the prestigious Hollywood icons Michael Boy and Steven Spillback, and its trailer is actually pretty entertaining. Definitely not your average tablet promo. LG says the future lies with the Optimus Pad. That along with Optimus Prime uttering the line “Optimus will destroy evil” has LG setting the bar pretty high for themselves. We hope not to be disappointed.

[via YouTube]

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  1. Cool, I chuckled a little at the apple logos lol.

  2. Some subtle and not so subtle digs at Apple in there… Price accordingly and have multiple models may make this good.

  3. Love the Apple references :D

  4. Im going to see that!!! (Jp)

  5. It’d be nice if somebody managed to field a decent competitor to the iPad… I’ll wait until I see the price point before I let myself get excited about another Android tablet.

  6. ROFL iPad=Evil. That’s funny.

  7. ROFL iPad=Evil. That’s funny.

    Edit: Apple is the new communism.

  8. I love this video and im getting one lol

  9. this is so true

  10. That was AWESOME! Def love the Apple references

  11. “Steven Spillback” sounds kinda gross… jus’ sayin’…

  12. brilliant!

  13. Is it really an official LH commercial? The quality doesn’t look good enough.

  14. BTW, I wish this is the direction of the real commercial. At least someone from LG’s marketing team realizes that part of the reason Android becomes successful is the creative marketing from the Droid campaign.

  15. I think LG did a great job with the Optimus Phone line. I was impressed with how solid they are. Hopefully this pad will be just as solid with power to boot. Great video. :)

  16. Yeah…that’s a great commercial with Apple references! Just love it…going on my faves.

  17. If Android is a sponsor for the upcoming Transformer movie, that’s huge. Millions of people are going to see this commercial if so.

    Little by little Anroid is making it’s way into Hollywood. I noticed it’s the phone of choice for Fringe.

  18. Awesome commercial. I did chuckle a little at the smash of crapple logo and crushing of an apple. I hope the pad is as good as the commercial.

  19. They need better voice talent – that guy just sounds like somebody’s bad imitation of a good voiceover artist. Like when my two-year-old daughter tries to make her voice deeper and ends up just kinda growling. :D

    They also need a good voiceunder artist for the subliminal stuff. ;)


  21. Video not working anymore.

  22. I’d want to see this tablet Transforming into Optimus Prime in real. I’d be so sexy

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