Feb 9th, 2011

“There’s no Facebook phone,” cries Facebook whenever rumors start swirling surrounding the fabled device. Techies don’t buy that, Zuckerberg. You should know that by now.

INQ’s channel manager Andew Bennet came clean to TechCrunch, though, and gave them an exclusive video preview of their new social networking phone with deep Facebook integration. (Note: Facebook admits that partners are using their APIs for deep phone integration, but the phones aren’t exactly sold, endorsed, or branded by Facebook.)

Unique features such as calendar integration will help round out the experience. Your calendar will not only show what you put in it, but the events and birthdays pulled from your Facebook profile and friends list.

The phone is Android-based, he admits, and brings together a nice social experience that has the ability to pull a lot of folks in. The phone seemed to run quite smoothly, though no details were given on what hardware powers the device. Other touches include Spotify as a replacement for the standard Android music player.

The device pictured is being called the INQ Cloud Touch, but Bennet admits that a version with a QWERTY keyboard – being called the INQ Cloud Q – is on the way. What do you folks think of this device? Is there room for a Facebook phone? Is the Android version of Facebook’s app bad enough to get you to buy a phone that customizes that experience to be better?

[Update]: Here’s another video from All Things D.

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