Three UK Snags the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, as well


Three UK is the latest to jump aboard the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play bandwagon. The unofficially announced phone has so far been slated for Vodafone and O2, making Three UK the 3rd carrier in that region to pick up the device. Information is scant for now in terms of release and pricing, but Three is promising their own original video covering the Play will appear on their blog soon. Not that we haven’t already seen enough videos of the worst kept secret in the mobile industry.

Only a handful of days left until we’ll be fondling one ourselves in Barcelona at MWC.

[via EuroDroid]

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  1. Thee UK?? c’mon thats not a hard one to spell

  2. Corrections – Three not Thee !

  3. 3 not Three lol

  4. I think what bugs me the most about that XPeria Play ad is that the droid has two left thumbs.

  5. I know you are very busy. But can you post more related imformation? I like your imformation. It’s exciting. Thanks for your help! See you again soon.

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