Teleca Turning to Android to Bolster Mobile SiriusXM Offerings


Maybe this comes as no surprise after Howard Stern’s recent praise of the Android platform, but the company in charge of broadcasting his show is working with Teleca to develop a stronger mobile presence via Android. The details are not yet known on how SiriusXM and Teleca plan to leverage the mobile OS, but options could be as varied as everything from applications to new hardware featuring an Android interface.

While it is probably less likely, the hardware side of things is perhaps most intriguing. Quite a few companies showed off in-dash units featuring Android at this year’s CES, though none quite hit the mark. The promise of such technology still leaves some hope, however.

Teleca Announces Development of Platform for SiriusXM Radio

Solution showcases Teleca’s expertise with Android IP integration

Seattle – February 8, 2011¾Teleca, a world-leading supplier of embedded software solutions for the consumer electronics, automotive and mobile industries, today announced the development of an Android platform solution for use in SiriusXM’s next generation vehicle, portable and home products.

“SiriusXM continues to develop innovative products that allow our subscribers to experience the best audio entertainment available,” said Sean Gibbons, vice president of product marketing for SiriusXM’s aftermarket division. “We were impressed with Teleca’s experience with the Android Operating System and strong background in radio interface integration. Teleca is working with us to develop a complete platform strategy for delivering our unique and compelling programming to consumers.”

“The platform we have developed for SiriusXM is an excellent example of Teleca’s ability to seamlessly integrate a customer’s IP into a dynamic Android Operating System,” said John Trobough, president, Teleca USA. “Most importantly, the reference application allows SiriusXM and third-party developers to quickly build out new products and thereby retain their competitive edge.”

Teleca will be demonstrating its comprehensive line of solutions at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Hall 8 Stand 8B79, February 14-17.

About Teleca
Teleca is a world-leading supplier of embedded software solutions for a wide range of global industries¾including mobile, automotive and consumer electronics. With unique global reach, Teleca offers fully customized solutions, systems design, integration and testing to help drive down development time and deliver value. For more information, please visit

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  1. This is great news!!!! The SiriusXM android 1.1 app is probably the worst app in the market. Honestly SiriusXM online subscription is the absolute worst subscription service I’ve ever had. Hopefully Teleca can develop a better platform.

  2. This is not good for Android. WHy do they have to associate this scumball with our product. Doesn’t Apple have enough ammo without reloading their guns with this guy? He’s trash; many of my friends got off of Sirius when he signed that worthless mega-deal. Hope this doesn’t backfire.

  3. XM202 , Sirius 197.

  4. While the Howard Stern announcement is old news about him coming to mobile via the SiriusXM app, its also worth noting that the SiriusXM app can be vastly improved upon.
    If you recall, SiriusXM radios have more features than just playing the channel of your choice, they have artist notification, rewind, favorites, song notification, some even have iTunes tagging just to give some examples of what features were left out of the mobile interface.

    I think what were seeing here is what SiriusXM wants to do with its mobile offering, Ford has its sync system with a Pandora linkup, Mini has one similiar and BMW is working on one for iPhone to integrate internet radio into the car’s radio.

    if they play there cards right Sirius can better compete with these mobile phone offerings on other platforms and other media delivery services (ie internet radio)

    Think about it, its possible to link up an android device via USB to an external radio or even a dock using the same methods as Ford/Mini/BMW.

    Its wishful thinking but if they would integrate the ability to USB connect to a car radio like iPod has with its USB connection, they could be on there way to successful competition against Apple’s iPod (which if you recall during the merger fight they clearly labeled the iPod as competition, along with Internet radio and other sources of media).

    Now all Sirius has to do is get some more / better channels and strengthen its weakened post-merger lineup.

  5. @jimbo really you should keep your oppinions about people to yourself, nobody cares what you think, just like you don’t care what i think, stay on topic, android!

    just for the record…HOWARD HOWARD HOWARD!

    oh and ba ba bouy!

  6. The only reason I still have Sirius is because of Howard coming to the Sirius app. I had Sirius in my truck but could only listen to Howard for about 20 min. a day on my way into work. Now that he is on the app I get to listen ALL DAY LONG. Hey Jimbo…suck it pal. If you don’t like Howard, then why waiste the time to even comment.

  7. A.) If you don’t like him, don’t listen. Obviously millions of people like him.

    B.) He probably saved Sirius as a company. Listeners increased what, 5-fold after he joined. Sirius then overtook XM in marketshare and then just took over XM.

    C.) Who exactly is “associating” him with “our product”? Its not in the Teleca press release, only Phandroid mentioned him in their write-up and attached a picture.

    Newsflash, the SiriusXM app is available for iPhone and Blackberry as well. So Stern is on all the platforms.

  8. Howie is an outdated relic, grandpa needs to retire and play his chess all day long while his “trophy wifey” bangs her trainers.

  9. ron and fez 11 to 3. xm 202 sirius 197.

    ron and fez 11 to 3. xm 202 sirius 197.

    ron (-) fez 11 to 3. xm 202 sirius 197.

  10. Willie,
    For someone who seems to dislikes Howard Stern you seem to know him well (love of chess and his hot wife). You must be a Sirius/XM subscriber and Howard listener. ;)

  11. I hope it’s an antenna that connects to the phone that allows you to listen to Sirius as an actual receiver. That would reduce some data usage and also improve coverage. I know my connections sometimes cuts out.

  12. This is awesome. The SiriusXM app is really bad (I listen to it all day but come on, it’s been out for how long and is still on version 1? give me a break). They really need to work on it.

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