Howard Stern Gives in to the Android Nation


Sirius give Howard Stern $83 million.grid-4x2

When Sirius first announced they’d be bringing their XM Radio app to Android, many rejoiced! But many of you were also Howard Stern fans and we soon learned that his broadcasts would not be featured on the Android app. Whether it was from a massive outcry from his fans or Sirius stressing to Stern how important internet streaming is, they’ve inked a new five year deal to bring his infinite wisdom to those who live on the web. And that means Android-using folks will finally have a reason to keep their Sirius subscriptions alive. [Electronista]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  2. Who the hell cares about Howard when O&A have been available on the app from the very start.

    I have better things to listen to than endless 10 year old re-runs of when Howard was actually entertaining. Now all he does is talk about himself. :P

  3. Thought he was switching to an Android phone by reading the header. I know Oprah uses one, but as much as I’m not a fan of Stern, any celebrity showing off or using an Android can only be good for the OS. Nice to see Hollywood getting over their love affair with the iPhone.

  4. “HOWARD STERN IS OVERRATED!!!” : Phillip J Fry

  5. I love opie and Anthony BUT I do love the stern show…but without Artie Lange there on the show its not the same. Fruuuuuuuuuuunkis!

  6. So I get to hear him live for, what, 3 days a month now? It’s a joke how much of my subscription money goes to keep him (barely) broadcasting. Meanwhile, O&A have to fight tooth and nail for any respect in that company.

  7. Screw stern, his show bottomed out 4 years ago. Who wants to listen to a 60 year old man asking an 18 year old if she likes her arse licked. O&A are much more entertaining now.

  8. Sweet!!! Heard the news live yesterday on his show. Now I will be keeping my Sirius Subscription!!! Stern RULES!!!!!

  9. with all the apps out there to listen underground what’s the difference? i could have listened to him the whole time. he’s boring and self obsessed.

  10. O&A O&A O&A!!! Who Who cares about Howie?!?!?

  11. I love Stern. The entire crew is amazing and very entertaining. I wish Artie was there. I haven’t found the ap for the android. Has anyone else found it?

  12. Its funny to hear the 3 O&A listeners hate on the greatest. There’s a reason why your idiots don’t make a dime, and Howard brought subscribers to Sirius.

    You guys might like that garbage, but you’re obviously not in the majority.

    O&A. (snicker) Talentless hacks wouldn’t have any bits if it wasn’t for the GREATEST IN TALK RADIO, HOWARD STERN.

    Eat it, haters.

  13. O&A are proven failures (Free FM) and jealous pricks.. Long live the “King”… Howard Stern!

  14. You can’t get it through the market (not yet), but if you go to you can get it their. Or there is a spot that you can enter your gmail and they’ll send you a link. All are from though.

  15. @#2 All they do on O&A is try and talk over each other as loud as they can. It is one big jumbled loud clusterfuck.

  16. Ive had the app forever waiting for this. Anyone know when it’s ACTUALLY gonna happen? The n app still doesnt have him there?

  17. I tried O&A when they were in Philly, not my thing, I’ve been a Stern fan since 1986. Eachto his or her own …. not sure why everybody feels they need to bash O&A or Stern ….. I guess they have nothing better to do.

  18. As of this morning it’s still not available through the app.

    Anyone heard of a timeframe on this?

  19. Teen aged gross out humor. I can’t believe people not only listen to it, but find it amusing.

  20. I listen to Howard but without Artie his show isn’t good. Opie and Anthony are good. I love lil Jimmy Norton.

  21. Stern is the Originator, Oppie & Anthony would have had no success if THE pioneer of real radio had not paved the way for them. The should pay him homage on a daily basis. I’ve been listening to Howard since the NBC days close to 30yrs ago, he is truly an innovator, anyone who doesn’t recognize that is a DOUCHE! BABABOOEY!

  22. Thanks Numbnuts.. lol..that’s funny saying that. I do have access through .com however, it wouldn’t work before. I will try it today. Thank you for your help!

  23. Funny that whenever I tell an O&A fan about something related to Howard, they always feel it necessary to say that they like O&A better . . . much like on these boards. Funny thing is, when you tell a Stern fan about O&A, they don’t respond the same way because Stern fans don’t hear about O&A so don’t view it as if it’s Ohio State and Michigan like O&A fans do. They must spend so much time on that show bashing about Howard, if someone can’t hear Howard’s name without feeling obligated to defend O&A. You’ll hear Howard mention them in passing about every 6 months or so, but not even bashing them – in fact I’ve never heard anyone on Stern bash them. Weird . . . it’s a totally one-sided war.

  24. Jason Ellis is the future of radio! On Faction Sirius 28 12-4pm PST RED DRAGONS!

  25. Hoo hoo hoo…Robin, show me those big black cans.

  26. Put a little vaseline on the tip and stick it up O&A’s A**

  27. Still waiting, can’t wait to drop Wonder radio. And I agree, I miss artie ALOT!

  28. To all the Howard haters, you are just a bunch of overzealous, negative people that have nothing better to do but hate. Do you complain and put down everything you don’t care for? Do you put down everyone who likes something that you don’t. GROW UP PEOPLE!!!

  29. I’ve had Xm for 5 years because of O&A not Howard, and they just got resigned also. If they were garbage Sirius would have let them walk. They were the first on satellite not Howard. One of the only XM survivors. F Howard and his talentless lackeys. How the heck are you stern fans satisfied with his 3 day work week? That’s blind idiot’s.

  30. Howard mentioned the other day that the show should be available starting Thursday or Friday, but his stations still aren’t showing up on the app. Any word? I performed an update on Sirius, but no change.

  31. So sorry fire the O &A die hards. Have listened to both, but Stern has always be better.Hence the 100 million a year paycheck. If O& A had any real listener base maybe the could get the pay and respect .

  32. Howard Stern is actually more entertaining today than he was back when it was all about sex. For the most part it’s just those guys talking about life and it’s a more relatable show now. It’s not shocking to ask a porn star if she likes anal anymore. O&A is as awful as any morning show, just a bunch of people talking over each other and laughing at themselves loudly. If you actually listen to Stern, it’s (mostly) an intellegent show that actually requires you to think a little on occasion. Stern for life, I’ll keep Sirius for another 5 years!

  33. I love all these Howard haters who havent heard the show and 0&A are just broke ass ripoffs and will always be

  34. All of you O&A fans are delusional. You wouldn’t get to hear that crap show if Howard didn’t re-sign. The company would’ve folded. O&A do not have even close to the amount of subscriber power that Howard has. Those 2 should come up with an original idea once in awhile too.

  35. Oh thank Heaven for Howard Stern. I will be tuned in all day, at home on my PC, on the road in my car, and at work during the night shift on my android phone. I will be connected to Howard all the time. CONGRATULATIONS HOWARD AND THE GANG. You all are mystical, magical misfits, and I love you dearly…… Jaki….. Orange County, CA.

  36. Welcome to 2001, Hoo Hoo howie, you fucking hack.

    And PS- I grew up on the guy, then he douched out.

  37. He is, and always will be THE BEST. It’s not to be debated…just understood.

  38. I see O&A have recruited a lot of people to post comments on this announcement. I can see that all these people who don’t care about Howard sure did spend some time clicking on the announcement and then spent some extra time making a comment. As far as O&A is concerned, why spend time time listening to a cheap copy when you can hear the real thing? If it wasn’t for the “King Of All Media” hacks like O&A wouldn’t have a platform. So O&A keeps sending your minions out to try and slach the King but you know who you owe it all to. Hey Now!!

  39. O&A are nothing like Howard, never have been. They are about comedy, howard is not. Artie was the only funny thing and hes gone.

    Hoo hoo robin I invented radio. No one ever before me, hoo hoo. I invented satellite robin, hoo hoo

  40. What’s O&A

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