Inventory Shots Galore: Pyramid, Flyer, Desire 2 from HTC, Star Tab and Optimus 3D for LG


A series of new inventory shots have leaked courtesy of fonearena that show a lot of rumored HTC devices and a couple of LG ones. The HTC Pyramid – which was rumored for T-Mobile just last week – pops up alongside the HTC Desire 2 (pictured below, which Engadget confirms is that mystery device that’s been making the rounds.) The HTC Flyer is also present here – the tablet we expect HTC to announce sometime next week.

From LG, the already-announced LG Optimus 3D is shown with another device – the LG Star Tab – that we believe is another rendition of the Optimus Pad / T-Mobile G-Slate. All of this and more should be shown off in full capacity once Mobile World Congress kicks off, and we’ll be right there to cover it.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

Seriously, Verizon, Where’s My HTC Merge? [FCC]

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  1. here’s hoping for a high powered LG Verizon device

  2. Here’s to hoping all carriers can recieve some LG LOVE…

  3. Pyramid!!!

    Dont blow this Tmo.

  4. Quentyn, do you reckon you could do a quick feature at some point collecting the rumoured specs of these new HTC devices? I’m under the impression that the Pyramid is the beast of the lot and would be a potential replacement for my Desire, but might be wrong if I’ve missed something.

  5. I cant tell which is what phone but I know I will be replacing my G2 with the HTC pyramid

  6. Tmobile is getting an Lg optimus 2x for sure. It will be branded the star expect it to come after the vibrant 4g

  7. Wait hold on! They popped up in T-Mobile’s inventory or HTC’s inventory? And are these phones coming to T-Mobile US or UK?

  8. This is not the Pyramid….it’s the Desire HD 2

  9. This looks just like the hero, I hope it comes to Sprint.

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