Feb 7th, 2011 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 3:56 pm

Pocket-Lint has spoken with a representative from ViewSonic who has confirmed that Android 2.4 is in the works. According to them, this update isn’t exactly “Ice Cream Sandwich” (for you semantics buffs), but a continuation of Gingerbread to add key support for dual-core applications.

This isn’t much different from Android 2.0 being named Eclair, while 2.1 shared the same name upon its release. We got word from a trusted source last week who said something like this would be happening, though we didn’t know to what extent and were left up to our own speculation.

While our source did expressly say this would be “ice cream”, he also noted that – at that particular moment in time – it was just being considered a follow-up build to Gingerbread. (Hence the build number GRI17.)

Debates about the naming and version number aside, the rumor also further confirms Google will maintain two versions of its OS, if true. We expected as much considering how obvious it is that Honeycomb – in its current form – could only really work for large slate devices. We should see all of this and more in April, according to ViewSonic.