Feb 4th, 2011

Recent stirrings within Nokia led us to wonder last week if Nokia might be considering shifting its focus away from their own mobile platform and towards manufacturing hardware running operating systems developed by outside partners. Obviously, we were referring to the possibility of Android ending up on Nokia manufactured handsets, but new rumors are suggesting that this dream might never come to be. It seems Nokia and Microsoft are prepared to announce a partnership next week, though it is unconfirmed if it will be to announce Windows Phone 7 on Nokia phones or another type of partnership such as apps or services sharing.

While we stew on those rumors, we’d take it as a positive step for Nokia and hopes of Android someday finding a home there. Sure, an exclusive partnership for now might prevent that, but if Nokia is at least willing to install third-party operating systems on their devices it leaves a window open for Google’s platform. After all, HTC, Samsung, and LG all manufacture handsets based on both WP7 and Android. If Nokia ends up shifting its focus to hardware OEM only, then maybe one day the little green droid will make its way there.

[via Engadget]

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