Sorry Motorola Cliq XT, No Android 2.1 for You


In a move that doesn’t surprise us all given the state of Android OS upgrades these days, Motorola has decided to cease development on Android 2.1 for the Motorola Cliq XT. The lower-range handset will, instead, remain on good ol’ Android 1.5. I will give Cliq XT owners a minute to scream into a pillow.

All done? OK. Here is what Moto said:

“After comprehensive testing of the Android 2.1 upgrade for the CLIQ XT, we have concluded that this device will remain on Android 1.5. We realize many of you were anxiously awaiting this upgrade, but we aim to deliver software upgrades only when it will provide a better customer experience.”

Sad trombone. But what could we really expect?

[via TMoNews]

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  1. Lulz. Just get the Pyramid or xperia play

  2. This is why I will never buy another Motorola product ever again. I had a Cliq (not XT) and they finally did upgrade it to 2.1 but it was slow as molasses on a cold day going uphill. Thanks to T-Mobile support I got a different handset. I learned my lesson.

  3. question: motorola’s first android phone has 2.0. how/why did they release phones with 1.5 afterwards?

  4. @khalood the cliq was there first android the droid was there second but i agree with you wtf?

  5. If you really are stuck with one though:

    Root it:

    And install this:

    Did it on my father-in-laws phone. Its a little quicker and at least lets you download more apps because it is 2.1.

  6. Root and problem solved???

  7. sounds like samsung

  8. Bad moto. Bad.

  9. thank god this is pre bootloader lock. i second – bad moto.

  10. Lol. Why is everyone surprised? All manufacturers suck at updating. Buy a nexus!

  11. Only Asian handset makers make the good phones. US is good for the software and media only. HTC has the best suport for all Android handsets and the ZTE has the best range of the handsets. Motorola is dead compny walking making losses each year. Once Android is free HTC, LG and co free to inovate the entire platform. Go Android forever!

  12. So moto shaft even more users, can’t understand why anyone uses them anymore. Root and visit simply android, did this with my dext so I know how you guys feel but custom roms rock and are 100 times better than anything moto could ever dream of producing.

  13. Call up T-Mobile, tell them the Cliq (or Cliq XT) is a piece of shit and hopefully they’ll offer you something better. I got a G2 and MyTouch 4G out of it for 80 bucks (and one free)…and I only needed one new phone for my brother…

  14. You guys think motorola or samsung are bad wait till its time to update the lg stuff. I have an lg blu ray player that won’t even play dvds and will play some blu rays after an update from lg(worked fine before the update) and since I’m out of warranty they want me to pay to fix it.

  15. yet another example of why manufacturer UI skins suck. They abandoned this update because blur won’t work right.

  16. If you buy low end crap, you should expect low end support. I love my og droid, which I gave to my bro when I upgraded to the DX. If you buy a coach class ticket, do you expect to receive first class service?

  17. MotoFail strikes again. A former Dext owner – and convert to HTC – LOLs long and hard. Ironically of course.

  18. @15. When you buy coach you should not expect first class service but you definitely shouldn’t be expected to ride in the cargo hold.

  19. I won’t echo what’s been said but if u buy a low end phone the rooting community is the sure bet. I’m sorry I can’t feel bad. U should ov known this since moto got to much on there plate.

  20. So sad but who really didn’t see this coming (coming from someone that has one) that was my first android phone and it was a horrible experience. From the infamous random reboots to the outdated software, i learned to go wit my gut and continue to go with a better & safer bet with HTC. Only thing that’s messed up is the lack of communication between moto n their customers now they will have a phone that cant sell more than prolly 60 and a very outdated software. To anyone that still has this disappointing device root it and get some new life to it what do u have to lose

  21. dam at least samsuck gave the behold 2 owners 1.6 OS

    shame on you moto shame on you . Are you trying to be worse than samsuck???????

  22. As the owner of a Cliq XT since March of 2010, I realized in November that the dev community was the only viable source for a Cliq XT update. I took the time to root my device and waited patiently for decent dev roms to roll out which didn’t take long. The XT is a solid device sans Motoblur and Moto-Support, which is why devs took to it and its older brother (Cliq). With devs like “HandlerExploit and MasterMind278” I now have a fully functional 2.1 rom with an overclock kernel and flash 2.1. (Rom-Basically Blurrless MM278 B2) Much thanks to the devs for all their hard work, which is way more than anything Moto has done. From Simply-Android user i_need_my_cliq).

    Even though I love my Cliq XT now, when the time came for my phone upgrade, Moto tried to convince me that the “Cliq 2” was what I was looking for and needed. Sorry Moto, Motoblur and lying to customers kind of killed your resale value. Besides, HTC’s MYTOUCH 4G has the same nice build quality plus more features and a better update track record.

  23. @ 8. Nlsme, You took my catch-phrase, “BAD MOTO, BAD!!!”

  24. Oh! Somebody please tell Moto that we have a great customer experience, and it came from the Dev Community.

    Hackers keep sticking it to big companies like Moto, Sammy, and Sony.

  25. Motorola can gag on their unsold Cliq XT’s now….Good bye Motorola!

  26. It appears that an upgrade to 2.1 is still possible, however, one has to do it manually by himself, and it will take about 25 minutes, as stated by Motorola at http://www.motorola.com/Support/US-EN/Android_Products/Software_Update_Landing_Page/CLIQ_Software_Update_Page. I believe that his gives at least some hope to the people who still have Cliq XT running Android 1.5. by the way, I believe that Android should be more regulated, that is, not to let phone manufacturers to modify their Androids too much, as then Android is really not an Android as it should be. In other words, most of Windows is pretty much the same, except that it may be written for different languages.

  27. I called t-mobile last month to tell them that the cliq (not xt) was a piece of veal and if they were intending into sending me another replacement I was gonna cancel my contract and they gave me the option to upgrade to a mytouch4g…I learned my lesson with Motorola

  28. Cyanogen mod is where its at

  29. Good News Guys!!! I just rooted and flashed my Cliq XT following the instruction on theunlocker.com I highly recommend using the Basically Blurless Rom B2. NOTE!!! the instructions are a little out dated and you will need to install the sdk .exe instead of just unzipping it then copy it from program files to the c:\ and change the name to androidsdk. Also you will need to change the path you type in the command prompt from cd c:\androidsdk\tools\ to cd c:\androidsdk\platform-tools\ THIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART BUT IT IS AWESOME

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