Samsung: Galaxy Tab Sales ‘Quite Smooth’ not ‘Quite Small,’ but Return Rate at 15 Percent


We all make mistakes every once in a while, but when that mistake turns into a rabid media firestorm over the poor sales of your flagship Android tablet it might be worth correction. What the Wall Street Journal had originally quoted as “quite small” in reference to sell-out numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was actually “quite smooth.” It’s a big difference in wording, but in context it still isn’t very reassuring. Samsung still implies the numbers weren’t quite what they expected, but that sales were “OK.”

Semantics aside, another report damning the popularity of the Galaxy Tab is claiming that it’s return rate has peaked as high as 15 percent. ITG analysts tracked return rates since the Tab’s launch in November and noted the biggest spike came just after Christmas. In contrast, the Verizon iPad, which has been out nearly the same length of time as the Galaxy Tab, has seen just a 2 percent return rate.

A misquote is one thing, but we’re not sure how Samsung can downplay return figures like that. Alas, poor Galaxy Tab. I knew him well.

[via SamsungHub, Electronista]

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  1. How much “smoother” if wifi only came out?

  2. maybe people realized samsung would never update it.

  3. Wifi only FTW! Few people can justify ANOTHER wireless bill in this economy.

  4. First let me say that I am not a fan of Apple. With that being said, maybe Apple has it right, one phone, one tablet and incremental software upgrades so everyone is pretty much equal. Android has too many phones, too many tabs coming, too may versions of its software. I think they need to streamline and consolidate a little better.

  5. Ray just described normal market conditions of my youth in USSR 20 years ago :) companies making reliable, but simple and boring products and deciding what the ‘consumer’ needs and the “party” approving everything they’re allowed to have :))))))

  6. lol comrade. I am also a naturalized citizen of US, but it is funny when people say choice is not good.

  7. I love my galaxy tab, well… my wifes galaxy tab that I bought her and that I occasionally am allowed to play with. I really wish I wasn’t locked into 2 years for service though… ack!.

  8. Samsung’s lack of support drove many customers away. I bought a Samsung Epic to have a top of the line Android device. I was partially right – the hardware is still near the top but Samsung’s lack of support dropped the Epic to the back of the pack. Samsung – Suppport your devices or else they won’t sell.

  9. Have to wonder what effect the xoom et al have on these figures, android phans may sometimes be returning devices upon the announcement of another – a problem the iPad won’t face…

  10. umm…but google said its not made for tablets.
    are we really surprised that people learned that?
    then took it back cause they KNOW it was expensive!
    and on top of that…what is apples return rate worldwide??
    what is samsungs return rate world wide!
    its sad how EVERYONE is trying to keep android down.
    its too late. apple being corny basically…should never had let android in the door. its too late people need to except that.

  11. I love me some Android, and am looking forward to the XOOM, but… why oh why would I buy the Tab when I have an iPad? The iPad is much faster, smoother, nicer screen, OS designed for tablet. Plus I knew Samsung would screw us with Tab 2 in a couple months and never upgrade the Tab. Please deliver, Motorola (and everyone else).

  12. @Ray: Android doesnt “make” devices. That’s like blaming Microsoft because you can buy a computer with their OS from Dell or HP or Asus or Toshiba, etc. Google makes the base OS. That is all. It is provided for free. Manufacturers can port it to whatever hardware they want. If you have an issue with a device then take it up with the manufacturer of the device. More choices in hardware, price point, form factor, etc. is a good thing. Apple makes nice stuff but if you don’t want their single offering then you are SOL. I’d prefer to pick my device from many options.

  13. @RAY, you noob apple fanboy LOL

  14. Ray,

    Apple doesn’t have 1 phone, it has 4 plus the ipod touches and increasingly developers are starting to target their apps at only some of the versions.

    That’s not to say that Google doesn’t need to kick some manufacturers behinds and get updates rolled out much more effectively than they are at the moment but fragmentation is an issue for Apple as well just the pundits aren’t talking about it for some reason.

  15. There are several problems with this.
    Samsung showed that they don’t update their devices as promised with the Galaxy S line of phones. They inflated their “sold” number as suppling shipped number as calling them sold in the press releases (but are careful not to skirt around the issue at the earnings call because that’s against the law.) They try to hide the fact that the ones sold have a high return rate. Choice is good, competition great, but only when it’s near equal. Back in the 80’s, people chose the Yugo over the Civic, but that didn’t mean it was a good choice or worthy Hoping for more from RIM, Motorola, and HP.

  16. Galaxy Tab rocks! I have tow. Android rocks. Plannign on getting HTC tablet when comes. Go Android. Humma Humma!

  17. @Android Fan, Learn how to spell you fucking loser!

  18. I have owned a Moto Droid, Droid Incredible, and currently I have a Samsung Fascinate. I think they have all been great devices, but my dInc was probably the best of the 3 I am looking at some of these new dual core devices and haven’t decided what to do yet, but I will be picking one up. Long story short I am not an Apple Fan Boy by any means, I have resisted them forever, I even had a Zune for a while. But I have an iPad and my fiancée has a Galxy Tab. I am sorry but the user experience pales in comparison the Tab just flat out sucks. As for the new tablets coming down the pipeline I hope they do well I would love to migrate to just having one account for my mobile devices. Samsung and everyone else has a huge hill to climb as far as tablets are concerned.

  19. @Jon Po You loser you crApple lover. What you doing on here anyway. This only for Android Fans loser!

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