Feb 1st, 2011

We all make mistakes every once in a while, but when that mistake turns into a rabid media firestorm over the poor sales of your flagship Android tablet it might be worth correction. What the Wall Street Journal had originally quoted as “quite small” in reference to sell-out numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab was actually “quite smooth.” It’s a big difference in wording, but in context it still isn’t very reassuring. Samsung still implies the numbers weren’t quite what they expected, but that sales were “OK.”

Semantics aside, another report damning the popularity of the Galaxy Tab is claiming that it’s return rate has peaked as high as 15 percent. ITG analysts tracked return rates since the Tab’s launch in November and noted the biggest spike came just after Christmas. In contrast, the Verizon iPad, which has been out nearly the same length of time as the Galaxy Tab, has seen just a 2 percent return rate.

A misquote is one thing, but we’re not sure how Samsung can downplay return figures like that. Alas, poor Galaxy Tab. I knew him well.

[via SamsungHub, Electronista]

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