Missed the Honeycomb Event? Watch it on YouTube [LONG VIDEO]


Google’s posted the entire Honeycomb presentation that went down in Mountain View, California earlier today. If you were stuck at work without a way to watch the in-depth look at Honeycomb live, you’ll want to head over to YouTube, grab a bowl of popcorn, and let your eyes feast on the single most exciting version of Android to come out of building 44.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. which Tablet is this?
    LG or Motorola or …

  2. @1 it said Motorola Xoom tablet within the first 20s….

  3. It’s the XOOM

  4. this is Motorola Xoom !! Yummy..

  5. underwhelmed, as are most i see

  6. Multi-user support is going to be needed if I’m going to share this thing with my family.

  7. They should use C-LO’s song in an anti-Apple ad campaign:

    “Fcuk you and fcuk you too!”

  8. wow this presentation was shitty as fuck a complete chaos the deff need to rehearse lol and the funniest part is there using a Mac xDD haha WOW!!

  9. they*

  10. Much improved experience over current android tablets. It actually looks like a viable Ipad competitor now.

    Nice…now, where is the phone version.

  11. Cee-Lo green was supposed to be on video chat ?!
    ive watched half way through this , i couldnt get the whole thing .
    Motorola Xoom is by far the best android tablet .. I wonder if the Galaxy Tab will ever get Honeycomb ?

  12. @ anon: You can get Multi User support already just go to your Settings-Accounts & Sync then just add her account to the device. I just bout an Ebook and bought it on her phone with my account, but i want to be able to read the Ebook later on the XOOM tablet also.

  13. Aww man…I officially want a tablet now.

  14. I fell asleep on this video 3x last night. Whatever tablet this is its nice but you guys are tugging the Xooms Johnson way too much Honeycomb is what you guys should be stroking, the fact is we havent seen what the Xoom or the G-slate could do in comparison with an older tablet, because Honeycomb hasnt been seen on a 1Ghz single core processor(less the Nook) yet. Until the Galaxy Tab or Archos 101 or some other older tablet gets Honeycomb ported to it I dont wanna see no more Xoom dick riding.(I still might get one)

  15. @flatline5
    Dude it is still the first tablet with a dual core and a full SD card slot.

  16. little worried they had to switch between tablets to run some of the differnt apps. Why not just install all the apps on one and run it.

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