AT&T Forum Talk: Atrix 4G Impressions, Inspire 4G Battery Concerns, & Data Plans


Forums are buzzing tonight, folks. If you forgot, AT&T actually has a lot to be excited for. (Device wise, anyway.) The HTC Inspire 4G is offiically coming February 14th, the Atrix 4G is one of the most advanced Android phones on the market, and they’re bringing at least 12 new devices in 2011. If you’re an AT&T fan, here are some threads at Android Forums.com to keep you busy:

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  1. ehehehehehe um whats an atrix?:) o and first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ^an android phone

  3. With all the talk about the Mobile Hotspot and people (like me) who have unlimited, but, will not be able to take advantage (as is.) And as I was playing with the new Android Market Webstore tonight, I ran across a few apps that claim to provide non-rooted tethering.

    Anyone have any comments or experience with these? Are they worth it?

  4. @bob
    pdanet works pretty well… However I will definitely keep an eye on xda and root mine as soon as its possible :)

  5. its a waste, that should be a Verizon phone.

  6. @Zi
    You sir are dumb. AT&The has not had a device that was exclusive and as powerful as phones like the evo, Droid x/2, Mytouch 4G. So how about you shut it and stop being greedy.

  7. Lol ^^

  8. @Aztec
    I’m a Verizon customer….and I couldnt have said it better myself…lol
    In fact, you beat me to it.

  9. HOW BOUT A FREAKING DAMN RELEASE DATE INSTEAD OF TALKING BAD STUFF BOUT THE ATRIX 4G?! it have good battery life. as long you don’t over use it every day 24/7. I JUST WANT MY FUCKING ATRIX NOW AT&T!

  10. Ummm… The biggest selling point of this phone is partly defeated by selling it on Verizon. You can’t run data/voice at the same time so you can’t utilize webtop and it’s full browsing capabilities or the Citrix client while talking on the phone or conference calling.

    Bonus points for AT&T’s capability to allow you to talk and surf at the same time.


    Seriously dude, @InspectorGadget80, calm down. Patience is a virtue you know.

  12. Tempting to switch for this phone. Decisions decisions

  13. @jroc
    it is getting really annoying.
    I’m on tmo but you don’t see me complaining! :)

  14. wow, remember this device. Such high expectations. Capped Upload speeds, SLOWER than an Iphone 4. WHOOPS

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