Jan 31st, 2011

Samsung has been known to fudge the reality of their sales figures a bit, quoting units shipped to retailers as units “sold.” This is nothing new or all that suspicious; the implication is that if retailers are buying up items like the Samsung Galaxy Tab at a rate of 2 million units in the first four months after launch the Android tablet must be moving quite well from shelves. Not so, it turns out.

While the numerous price cuts the device has encountered could be explained away with rumors of a Galaxy Tab 2 coming at Mobile World Congress, we get the feeling the reduction in cost has a lot more to do with what Samsung is calling a large sell-in to retailers but a sell-out to consumers that is actually “quite small.”

It sort of felt like this would be the case all along. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was just a few months ahead of its time, and while it was a great piece of hardware it rushed to market when its operating system wasn’t quite ready. There is still hope for Samsung to deliver a killer tablet with the next generation, however.

[via WSJ]

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