2 Million Galaxy Tabs Sold? Not Quite, Consumer Purchases Much Lower


Samsung has been known to fudge the reality of their sales figures a bit, quoting units shipped to retailers as units “sold.” This is nothing new or all that suspicious; the implication is that if retailers are buying up items like the Samsung Galaxy Tab at a rate of 2 million units in the first four months after launch the Android tablet must be moving quite well from shelves. Not so, it turns out.

While the numerous price cuts the device has encountered could be explained away with rumors of a Galaxy Tab 2 coming at Mobile World Congress, we get the feeling the reduction in cost has a lot more to do with what Samsung is calling a large sell-in to retailers but a sell-out to consumers that is actually “quite small.”

It sort of felt like this would be the case all along. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was just a few months ahead of its time, and while it was a great piece of hardware it rushed to market when its operating system wasn’t quite ready. There is still hope for Samsung to deliver a killer tablet with the next generation, however.

[via WSJ]

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  1. People & especially these tech blogs need to know the difference between sold & shipped. Sanding never said how many they sold…so pretty much it’s a flop

  2. Typo sanding was supposed to say samsung

  3. Waiting for Tab 2.

  4. Screw Samsung, Selling my Fascinate and Galaxy Tab and getting HTC Thunderbolt and BB Playbook and also the Droid Xoom Tablet!

  5. Just continue to slash those prices and I may be around when honeycomb lands on them.

  6. @ JE

    What the hell you going do with two tablets? Especially two that use the same damn market of applications..

  7. If it were cheap enough less than 200 no contract I would buy root and put honeycomb when available! i still plan on xoom as my tab though. So I would potentially have two as well one mostly to play with…

  8. I think the question with the tab is this:

    Who wants to pay $500-$600 and then $30-50 a month for a tablet.

    If it doesn’t make phone calls, why would I pay for phone service? I could just get a wifi only tablet and share the connection from my Nexus One or whatever phone I own in the future. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    If I’m going to buy a tablet, it’s going to be a $200 wifi only tablet that I’ll use around the house or in the office.

  9. Nobodies buying them because they know an upgrade is right around the corner. Smh @ samsung.

  10. Bought the Tab from Verizon replaced it with the wifi version of the IPad. Have Hotspot on my X. I am completely a Android fan have X, Incredible and wife has Droid 2 but must admit I like the set up I have now much better and get the advantage of full websites plus no extra monthly fee cause already had Hotspot for laptop. Only thing is no flash sucks.

  11. Still best tablet on market. Android wins already. crApple failed with 22% market share. Android won war already!

  12. Regardless of sales figures, the tab is a great device. Anyone who has actually used one well tell you that.

  13. Nice article and good hype about the Android and Galaxy Tab. iPhone and iPad are not making them fast enough to sell and Galaxy is making them too fast (2 million) to sell. You get the picture.

  14. WTB Honeycomb rom for gtab >.<

  15. I knew that Samsung was fudging their numbers. I am a fan of android and was waiting for the samsung tab but I am glad that I waited. I git and iPad instead and I am so happy I waited. Androd is a great competitor for the iphone. But the iPad is far supperior as a tablet. Plus the Tab was way too expensive to go against the iPad.

  16. Still too much money. Needs to be about $300 with no contract then more will buy.

  17. “Regardless of sales figures, the tab is a great device. Anyone who has actually used one well tell you that.”

    It’s a terrible device at the price it’s being sold at. Price for performance, the only real, shipping competition to the iPad is nook color.

  18. We don’t want a tab that ties you to a contract and we don’t want to be spending over $500 for one either. Make it happen! Blest… most people are not as interested as us when it comes to tech, I doubt the average person decided not to buy one because of new stuff coming out.

  19. I am waiting for the Toshiba tablet. Much more useful.
    Check it out

  20. This thing should be $300 with no contract. Period.

  21. Ugh… I’m a sucker for buying my wife the tab and locking into a 2 year contract…

  22. The only reason I bought Samsung Galaxy Tabs for work is that it was the closest I could get to a Google TV development system (paired with a Logitech DiNovo Mini). It’s a nice device, I suppose, but I just can’t see myself using it on a day-to-day basis. It doesn’t really do anything that my Nexus One can’t do just as well (aside from having a nice big screen) and it’s both too small to be a proper tablet and too large to be a device I want to carry everywhere.

    I’m looking forward to the Xoom, personally.

  23. Ah, so we can revise iPad market share back up over 95% again…

    Roll on honeycomb! Still, it’ll probably take wider availability of parts as well as I don’t think people will adopt android tablets en masse until they get a lot cheaper…

  24. no comment

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