Motorola Handing Out XOOM Tablets to Celebrities, Chad Ochocinco Tweets about His


When the Motorola XOOM was unveiled at the beginning of this year at CES the reigns weren’t quite ready to come off and hands-on time was limited, but now as the first Honeycomb tablet nears launch the story is a bit different. Motorola is busy shipping off their baby to some high-profile people, and of course one would be the social media savvy Chad Ochocinco of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals.

Ochocinco is already busy tweeting about his new acquisition, calling the tablet “pretty awesome” and insisting he has no plans to return it to Motorola. No matter what, functional units already going out to drum up some buzz is a good indicator that this tablet is just days away from getting its official launch announcement all squared away.

[via Mashable]

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  1. Damn rich people always getting stuff for free!! I want my free XOOM!!

  2. OMG Rick James is on Phandroid!!!!1

  3. too expensive. 3g/4g is pointless addon for these things to rip you off monthly. the stupid ‘subsidized’ hardware needs to stop. they are over charging for this technology.

  4. My question is, when this comes out am I going to be availavle to buy one off contract without activating with verizon, because I just did my taxes and let me tell you this time of year I just love my daughter I little bit more than usual, lol. Anyway I want one and a really strong want is a justified need..

  5. Or to put it another way, people who are in the spotlight and likely to buy the iPad2. Smooth marketing technique, for sure.

  6. We don’t know the price yet, officially. It’s still all speculation. I sincerely they’ve adjusted the price since the earlier price leaks. Otherwise, I’ll definitely agree – too expensive.

  7. @Josh from hershey verizon does not have contracts on tabs. when you buy this you will have a month to month contract which you can cancel after the first month, so don’t worry about it. If you stay on their data plan it is about 30 a month

  8. Since the spec are in fact much better than the bottom line iPad it is NOT overpriced. I’m getting one.

  9. Really looking forward to tomorrow’s event! We’ll probably get pricing and a release date for the XOOM, too!

  10. More picture, Chad! And how about some video!

  11. Well sooner they can get these out, sooner they should be able to get the Wifi only out.

  12. Interesting how people who can easily afford these things always tend to get one for free. Yet the rest of us schlubs end up paying full price.

  13. Not buying one with a shitty 3g/4g connection and a monthly fee, will wait for wifi only version. If this doesn’t come out with a Wifi version only soon I’ll be spending my $$$ elsewhere.

  14. I would love to get it but too expensive. $499 would have been a better price (16GB, wifi and FLASH would have done the job). I am going to wait till price gets to $499. Nice looking tablet but too expensive.

  15. Chad Ochocinco? I thought you said they were handing them out to celebrities…

  16. Well I guess that puts to bed the rumor that the OS wasn’t finished, because there’s no way they’d be passing these out to celebs if it wasn’t.

  17. They put it in Chads hands? The Marketing Reps @ Motorola just devided their work in half, sh*t if Oprah got one they can just sit back and relax for the rest of the year.

  18. Ol’ Chad Johnson (he’s changing it back to Johnson, btw) ought to be worried less about pimpin’ his digital rep, and more about catching f*#king footballs.

  19. Can’t wait until hardware like this gets cheaper/not tied to data plans I don’t need.

  20. Im with jerbear. I dont want a tablet on any network. Just a wifi version would be what I need, if I really do need internet on it I can just use Epic for the source for no charge. :D

  21. Im getting one also ASAP !! Sending notes to Motorola to send me one for free as well !!! Why do the rich always benefit ??? They ones that can afford it the most get all breaks

  22. To all the Whiner Babies crying over the price, here’s a suggestion.

    1. Start your own company.
    2. Design your own tablet
    3. Pay for licensing and manufacturing
    4. Hire engineers, programmers and assemblers
    5. Sell your product for next to nothing to please people who do not understand that R&D COST MONEY!!

    See how long you can stay in business. Just my thoughts here.

  23. @WaitingPatiently

    What R&D all they had to do was look at what android geeks were complaining Apple wasn’t offering on the ipad and add those things to their tablet and of course have it run on the android geeks favorite OS android (which is free LOL).

  24. Get one to Howard Stern. That will result in a ton of sales, as long as it doesn’t lock up or draw the battery down in a few hours.

  25. Yeah Wilco…but he’s already talked about getting Android tabs …so I’m sure he will get this

  26. Sadly, what most of these companies do not realize is that common everyday users (us) pay little to no attention to celebrities that get this stuff. They have no credibility with the everyday user (us). I think most of us would pay more attention to a Jeff Dickerson, who just started writing here, than some nutball that changed his name to a number.

    my opinion, I could be wrong, but I doubt it


  27. Just curious…..does anyone really care that he has the tab we all want?

  28. Waiting Patiently has a good point. We’d all like to buy stuff as cheaply as possible, and some of us might not be able to afford to buy everything we want …. but that doesn’t mean the company is wrong to price the product as it does . . . Especially if they are going to do it right, i.e., use high-quality components, provide good customer service, and so on and so forth . . . . And maybe even pay some of their workers a living wage. Let’s get away from the WalMart mindset that obsesses on how low prices can go. Sometimes, people, you get what you pay for.

  29. That bezel is way too small. When the iPad first came out, I thought the bezel was too big, but when I bought one, it turned out to be necessary because it was the perfect amount of space for my thumbs. That, and I hate how the logos and the camera practically beg you to use it in landscape, which kinda bugs me. I think LG did a better design job with the G Slate: Big bezel like the iPad and the FFC is in the corner, so it doesn’t look odd when the device is in portrait or landscape, and all logos are on the back of the device. Unless I can buy either of these off-contract, they won’t get my money.

  30. When will the wi-fi version come?

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