That NOOKcolor Honeycomb Port Shown Off on Video


Late last week we brought you word of a pretty non-functional version of Honeycomb user deeperblue of the xda-developers forums had ported over to the NOOKcolor. While even more progress has been made, it still needs some work. And don’t expect to put this on your NOOK just yet. We don’t know whether we should be more impressed by the NOOKcolor’s ability to run this or by the port of the OS itself, but either way check it out below.

[via PCWorld]

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  1. Too bad they did not show more functionality such as widgets.

  2. Just got my nook color last night. Can’t wait for this to be functional!

  3. Didn’t see anything real interesting but it will be nice to see how this develops.

  4. Is honeycome comin to droid 2

  5. what is that going on on the laptop screen? seems like code scrolling?

  6. @jon

    It might be ADB in the background pushing out a log of the actions occurring.

  7. Looks slow and odds are they left the widgets out because it would bring it to a crawl.

  8. This is impressive considering the low specs of the nook color, but why does it seem like there’s nothing being done for the galaxy tab?

  9. I dont know how they are doing this w/o access to the source.

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