Jan 31st, 2011

Let’s round up the healthy amount of HTC Thunderbolt news that’s come in over the weekend. Firstly: evidence from Best Buy’s internal system confirms our previous beliefs that a February 14th launch date was in order.

Other rumors have surfaced suggesting the 24th would be the day we see it, but we’ve heard from enough independent sources to believe that the former may be more accurate.

Secondly, the Thunderbolt will have video call functionality enabled by Skype, but according to an internal memo, it won’t be receiving that functionality at launch. That’s OK – just as long as we get it eventually.

That same internal shot also confirms simultaneous voice and data over 3G as well as the lack of mobile hotspot at launch – two things we uncovered just last week.

Finally, there’s a quick and dirty unboxing video of what looks to be a pre-release device. The host doesn’t show off any of the things it comes with, but does confirm that a 32GB microSD card is pre-installed to accompany that 8 GB of internal storage.

Other than that, it’s not much different from the countless video previews of this thing captured at CES, including our own. Check it out above.

[via Android Central, Droid-Life, Android Police]

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