DYZPlastic Previews Android Mini Collectible Series 02


The first round of these little suckers were real fan favorites, so DYZPlastic is back with Series 02 of their Android Mini Collectibles. The small vinyl toys feature various designs and decos from contributing artists, and this year’s bunch even includes a figure drawn up by Google themselves. That would be the above Greeneon, a translucent version of our favorite robot Andy.

The Hexcode and Cupcake figures are also shown off over at DYZPlastic’s blog (check out the source link below). The new line will be hitting Dead Zebra and various other retailers in March. We can’t wait to see the rest!

[via DYZPlastic]

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait to order mine!

  2. Hexcode looks super slick. Not sure about this clear green deal. I would have preferred it be a solid color.

  3. Clear looks cheap.

  4. Wonder if they’ll be something in a Froyo type since they’ve got a Cupcake??

  5. Clear would be cool if it was a bank for spare change, but I’d rather have a solid one.

  6. He is going to sell the standard green Androids seperately…so if the transparent green freaks you out you can easily get the standard green.

  7. idk but if they have the bee i want him!

  8. Hexcode looks awesome! I like the Greeneon guy too (transluscent green). I’m ready for series 2!

  9. Love this mans art and so glad that this project has taken off for him.

  10. Hi Guys, I just found out the Amazon has the Exclusive Chinese New Year God of Wealth Mini Collectible Android Vinyl Figure On Sale for a Super Discounted Price. You should go grab them before they are all gone.

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