Sony Ericsson ‘Vivaz 2’ to be Xperia Neo? Launching Alongside Xperia Arc and Play


The next generation of Sony’s Vivaz handsets most likely won’t be carrying the name any farther than some fading rumors, as new whispers from inside SE are suggesting the device first leaked not long ago will launch under the name Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Though the handset seems to be inspired by the old Vivaz, the implementation of Android spells out something a bit distant from its predecessor.

Word is it will most likely get an announcement at Mobile World Congress, which means it should be joing the already announced Xperia Arc and soon to be announced Xperia Play as representatives of SE’s alteslt smartphone fleet.

[via UnwiredView]

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  1. Not a dual core either, I assume.

  2. Vivaz 2 is actually MT15 aka Hallon…

  3. As an X10 owner I have to say, when are SE gonna stop? The Xperia line is growing at an unbelievable rate! There is just no need for this many handsets!

  4. yeah x10 is a great phone and they should stop with new phones and rather make an official 2.2 update for x10 and release another “x” whatever

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