Jan 31st, 2011

If you’ve got all your gadgets Googled out, chances are you’re rockin’ an Android Phone and browsing the web with Google Chrome. Some of you may not know that your Android obsession can transcend mobile and land directly on your browser… and in your GMAIL! The folks over at ChromeSpot are helping you get your Android on within the confines of Chrome.

If you want to go for pure aesthetics, look no further than Android Theme for Chrome and the Android Theme for GMail. Not only will your browser tabs be ballin’ Android-style, but your inbox will be infiltrated by the little bugger as well:

Yes, that is correct… I have 14,000+ unread E-Mail messages, so when I don’t respond to you instantly, now you know why. I’ve deleted all the subject/senders as you can see, but I’m now realizing that this Black Hole of E-Mail is a realistic symbol of reality.

Other Extensions ChromeSpot recommends for Android Enthusiasts include Chrome To Phone, Android Market Link Converter, SpringPad for Chrome, and LastPass for Chrome. Head on over to their article titled Chrome Extensions for Android Fans for the full list. We’d like to tack on an additional extension sent in to Phandroid by a reader just hours ago: the Phandroid Chrome Extension.

The Phandroid Chrome Extension only does one tiny little thing but it does it very well – it links directly to Phandroid from your browser bar for easy access. I have one main question… why would anyone need this? I mean, everyone keeps at least one Chrome Tab open with Phandroid in it 24/7 right?

If you’re doing anything interesting that mixes Android with Chrome Extensions, please share with us all in the comments!

[Thanks Jared!]