Smartphones Power Samsung Profits, Dual-Core Galaxy S Coming Soon


Life is good at Samsung – no pun intended, considering that’s the slogan of their primary competitor (LG) who had a rough 2010. Samsung issued an Investor Relations press release today that thoroughly discusses the health of the company. Highlights include smartphone success, tablet screen development, and an upcoming announcement of a dual-core Galaxy S phone in the first part of 2011.

Revenues and Net Income both grew year-over-year for Samsung, 7% and 13% respectively with a total operating profit of $2.7 Billion dollars. Where exactly did those increased numbers originate? Samsung largely points to their smartphones:

Samsung’s performance in the fourth quarter continued to be driven by memory semiconductors and strong sales of its cutting-edge smartphones. On a quarter-on-quarter basis, however, profit margins decreased primarily due to weakening pricing for memory semiconductors and LCD panels, as well as price competition in the TV market.

They weren’t shy about the success of their Samsung Galaxy S, announcing they’ve sold 10 million units and also enjoyed “strong year-end demand” with the Galaxy Tab. But the Galaxy S wasn’t their only winner: they sold 280 million units on the year, making me wonder what the device-by-device breakdown would be. Other stats they slide into their smartphone summary include:

  • Record 4th quarter operating profit of 1.3 Billion (up 38%)
  • 4th quarter revenue of 12.8 Billion
  • Total 2010 Revenue = 37 Billion
  • Total 2010 Profit = 3.8 Billion

While the Galaxy S hit a sweet spot, Samsung is planning to grow in two related and nearby opportunities: screens for lower-end phones and tablets.

Samsung aims to drive market growth with a new line-up of entry-level LED panels and explore the high-potential market for tablet PC panels.

They also indicated a dual-core version of the Galaxy S with a Super AMOLED Plus screen will be announced in the first half of the year. We’re expecting that announcement to come in February at Mobile World Congress, with rumors pegging the device as the Samsung Galaxy S2. The manufacturer believes their smartphone sales will double to 60 million units in 2011 and they promise their Galaxy Tab lineup will be expanded for more offerings to meet a wider set of user needs.

It sounds like Samsung has a really good thing going and hopefully they’ll speed right along with more Galaxy devices, both phones and tablets, to feed our Android hunger!

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  1. Let the never again comments begin! The rest of the world (oh yes the US is just a proportion of the world, not the world as the like to think) is perfectly happy with Samsung. Good job guys!

  2. What ZacAttack said.

  3. Never again will I buy a Samsung phone. Especially one from TMO. Both the manufacturer and the carrier screwed the pooch on this one.

  4. Never again to Manufacturer controlled phones.
    Nexus for Life :P

  5. Give it a… REST SAMSUCK… Now galaxy s2.. MAN JUST WON’T QUIT… What this time your gonna take out the 3g radio out your device as well as make the camera 2.5 megipixels with 200p with the on and off button on the bottom of the device… SAMSUNG SUCKS EGGS… HTC RULES ALL MANUFACTURERS AND SPRINT RULES ALL CARRIERS… HTC EVO 4G RULES ANDROID DEVICES

  6. Only reason Im considering getting the Nexus S is so I wont be at the mercy of Tmobile and Samsung…seems like thats the only company making decent Tmo phones anyway.

  7. Samsung has provided a distinct lack of support for their devices. I love the hardware on my Epic 4G, but not even having a stable Froyo upgrade available stock is ridiculous at this point. I find it unlikely that they’ve got so many challenges that this upgrade has been delayed over 3 months, when a group of hackers have it working, and pretty stable, far far earlier.

    Despite awesome hardware, I’d advise the general public to avoid Samsung devices until such time that they get their product support to a level even close to resembling that of HTC, or even Motorola. At least they seem to ATTEMPT to support their devices.

  8. I hope to God the Galaxy S2 has that 4.5″ screen on it along with the Orion. Will the first phone to last the full 2 years of a contract as long as it comes to T-Mobile. I don’t give a damn if it’s frozen on FroYo.

  9. As I have previously stated, I will never purchase another samsung product ever again.

  10. I have both Samsung Galaxy S and HTC … I much prefer the SGS. (On 2.2.1 in UK) Very happy with it … but I do like some of these newer phones by LG & Motorola that are coming out soon. Wanting a dual core, just cause I can :-D

  11. Richard seem to have brought over his ALL CAPS rants over from Android and Me. I always look for his posts for a good laugh.

  12. Richard: the way your postvreads you sound like this: a baby raping ass clown. Sprint sucks ass you dicksucking queer. And that’s whybthey continue to be the 3rd place carrier

  13. This press release is very bittersweet. I own a Samsung HDTV and the Epic 4G. I’m very happy with both of those products. Samsung does make a great product. Since this is an Android forum I will keep my comments geared as such to the Epic. As far as specs and overall design and performance the Epic is amazing. Eclair runs soooo f’ing smooth. That brings me to my ONLY issue with Samsung – product support via firmware updates. To some firmware updates aren’t a big deal, for the Android enthusiast, they can be detrimental. For example, my GPS locks 4-7 sats out of 11 with a proximity lock of no closer than 95 feet. On DK28 its within 1-3 feet! That’s just one reason why the Froyo update needs to be pushed ASAP. Others may say, flash, apps2sd, overall faster performance. I hope that, like in respectable business, the profits earned by consumers goes into: A)to pay the employees, ceo’s, shareholders, etc. B)use profits to create even better products, and C)give back to the CONSUMER who put u in this position to begin with. One easy way would be to support ur products. I do underdtand that there has to be a limit of support to a degree. For example, I’m not expecting my Epic to run Honeycomb, nor would I expect all Android phones to have to lastest OS powering it. I do however, think that there is a give/take that’s valid.

  14. I’m glad they’re making record profits while we sit in the dust. Samsucks sure cares about us.

  15. Samsung has lost me as a customer for life. The Captivate will be the last electronics that I will ever buy branded by Samsung. I just got a new led tv and went with Sony. Didn’t even consider Samsung.

  16. Some more bitching about the update. There are better things to bitch about. Are you going to die because you don’t have 2.2? Get over it people.

  17. Lol y’all be tripping over samsung and its updates. I NEVER waited on a ota from some a company. I had the g1 on the first day and I purchase the vibrant on day one also. In other words all I need Samsung to keep doing is making the most powerful phone with the best looking screens and we are all good. Stop crying the blues to samsung. Just look at their profits for 2010=your word don’t mean shit/lmao rooting your is becoming standard these days;)

  18. Awesome phones/devices indeed, but will profits be quite as great next year? People might look to other sources for devices due to the general failure of Kies and the update procedure in general?

  19. Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion Orion.


    Exactly. They can mourn all they want, people still love Sammy

  20. I just wanna see the Orion in action, hopefully.

  21. Galaxy S2 might have best hardwares but crap updates.
    Orion Dual Core (5X faster than Hummingbird), 1GB RAM and Super AMOLED Plus.

  22. We are locked into 2-year contracts with these phones. During that period, Samsung should be forced into supporting these phones with updates. If no support, than we should be released from these 2-year contracts. End of story.

  23. Please, Google, would you mind making a Nexus S2???

  24. Samsung doesn’t know when to quit. Once they demonstrate they know how to update a phone, I may buy one of their devices, but as of now, I’m highly disappointed.

  25. Just do what I did. Traded my Samsung Frustrate for a Droid X

  26. Samsung sucks !!! I have a Galaxy S and I have an old Android because samsung and Sprint don’t care about post sale customer service. . . I will remember this when it’s time for a new phone… and carrier

  27. Did you guts know that Apple keeps their phones updated untill the hardware no longer allows…….just sayin’.

  28. lol… these whining and crying people are definitely from the USA. hahaha

  29. The Samsung hate flames make me giggle like a schoolgirl. I also bought a vibrant on day one and I have been more than happy with it. You would think anyone who is an Android “enthusiast” wouldn’t give two shits about official firmware updates given the awesome developer community. As long as Samsung continues to produce first rate hardware I’ll continue to buy Samsung.

  30. Some of don’t want to risk bricking our phone by putting leaked versions of the already old froyo. The fact of the matter is this phone should have already had 2.2 on arrival. 6 months later not even a release. This is a major company not Johns electronics around the corner place… I expect to get timely updates if I am going to be in a contract for 2 years with no outs except paying 300…. 249 dollars isn’t a joke for me and I love this phone but I still think these companies should live up to there word and if they are going to make cutting edge technology they better have the means to support the software and support everyone who spends there hard earned money on.. as of writing this 2.3 is already out and its just sad that big time Samsung can’t even get its customers 2.2…. I hope Google steps up and puts a few ground rules on this fragmentation because this makes android and all involved look disorganized and outdated. Really disappointed in Samsung and when HTC has phone that is comparable to the epic I feel like a switch is only natural as why do I have to UN outdated laggy software and not even have flash… not cool.

  31. Like a lot of ppl i root and run 2.2 already im just hoping that sprint releases an epic 2 i just need the keyboard for my snes roms since wiimote app doesnt work on the epic i dont hate samsung no reason to some ppl are just so angry on the internet

  32. Is it only in usa that the gs hasn’t had the 2.2 update?. Uk and europe got ours months ago. I think the blame might be best directed at the sellers doors, their company Ui/skinshit are the main causes for delays. In the UK T.mobile dont put any additional crap on their phones and the phones come unlocked too.

  33. 2.2 is available for your galaxy s on Tmobile. Its been available as of last week check tmonews.com

  34. samsung can be a success all the want but thanks to all those suckers out there for buying phones that take months to update . They will continue this type of practice on future phones. Thanks a lot to all you samsung user . Once again thanks a a lot …..

  35. …Riiiiiiight. The bragging about the numbers doesnt seem fair since we (Epic owners) that feel totally shafted about what we were *Promised back in September. FYI, my contract is up in September Sammy-boy. iPhone, here I come!!

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