Samsung Galaxy S2 Firmware Leaks, a Look at Hardware Rumors



I’ll be the first to admit the Samsung Galaxy S is doing a lot better than I thought it would. I wasn’t completely sold on the phone back when I reviewed it over the summer, but sure enough Samsung’s marketing and distribution efforts are paying off. In any case, Samsung has deemed it worthy of a successor. That successor’s firmware has supposedly just leaked and XDA is already digging deep into it. Nothing has been extracted just yet, and there is even a chance that this is actually the Nexus S firmware. While we await the cracking of the code and more info, let’s take a stroll down memory lane to a batch of rumored specs that have resurrected from the dead and started making the rounds about the internet this Friday afternoon.

Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S2 have grown pretty outlandish in terms of pure freakish power, but we will take the bait and get a little Android daydreaming in this Friday afternoon.

If you take the word floating around the interwebz, the Samsung Galaxy S2 (i9200) will feature a screen that might put the original S’s impressive Super AMOLED to shame. It’s the same technology, but now sized at 4.3-inches and featuring a pixel density of right around 340ppi. The full resolution would be 1280×720. That would give even Apple’s retina display a run for it’s money, but the S2 wonders won’t stop there, according to the same rumors. We could be looking at a 2GHz processor, but we are more inclined to fall into the camp that believes most rumored 2GHz processors for smartphones might just be misconstrued 1GHz dual-core chips.

If this all pans out we would see 1GB of RAM, 4GB of ROM, 32GB of built-in memory, an 8MP camera with HD camcorder (and with that chipset and display it might be full 1080p), and the upcoming Android Gingerbread (or would it be Honeycomb by then?).

The one thing that makes us question the veracity of these claims is that it is rumored to get a launch early next year. Pretty soon, considering the Galaxy S just came out this past summer. Then again, they could announce it early and launch it next summer, keeping with an iPhone-like update schedule (and we all know how much Samsung loves to cop on Apple). We await more info to be gleaned from this supposed firmware…

[via XDA]

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  1. i hope it doesnt feel like a plastic toy when you hold it, like the other samsung android phones have

  2. And before everyone jumps all over Kevin, The IntoMobile article was dated July 5, and Phandroid reported on this the same day:

  3. Unless all new Samsung phones are running stock Android I think I’ll stick with only Nexus branded phones. Their software updates are horrible and the last time when they talked about that on the Engadget show they didn’t seem to care.

  4. I put my money on LG Star with tegra 2 chip ( which has a dual core plus a tegra chip) capable of 1080p rec @ 30fps!


  6. this is crazy good, i want.

  7. As long as it looks more like the Captivate and not the cheap looking vibrant.

  8. This was pretty old news, but it is resurfacing today because the firmware was just leaked.

  9. Some company has to come along and find a way to get way more juice in a battery for the size we’ll need as these phones start packing more and more power. I don’t think that’s anytime soon though :(. I really want a new super powerful phone like the specs mention, but not for a trade-off that the battery will last me 6 hours and I need to keep 2 backups charged on me at all times. Looking forward to this or the new nexus, and this is just my 2 cents so don’t flame me.

  10. I can get over looks and feel cheap, as long as it isn’t crap. I do admit the construction of the Nexus One and iPhones do seem substantial as well as they are. But if the phone feels “plasticy” and is killer in every other aspect, I can easily deal with it.

  11. I think as long as is AMOLED it’s going to be light and feel cheap unless they include metal in the casing.

  12. my biggest gripe with Samsung Android phones is their stupid TouchWiz skin… Nexus S would sold that and thus I would consider one… I’m surprised a release hasn’t been made yet, seeing as Schmidt showed it off at the Web 2.0 event…

  13. All my dollars belong to this fone.

  14. If it looks like that picture, has vanilla android, I’m game.

  15. Just a Galaxy S with Nexus S specs it seems…

  16. The things I would do to have that…..

  17. From the xda thread:
    – RFS (Also Galaxy S use this so more Lag)
    See….this is gonna really piss me off if Gingerbread doesnt take care of the lag issue…
    WHY TF does Samsung keep using that file system?!?!? Is it safe to say the Nexus 2 will also????
    Does Froyo really take care of the lag from using that file system? Someone with a Galaxy S phone running Froyo wanna let us know?

  18. It helps quite a bit. I still run Voodoo on my Froyo, but the lag is greatly reduced running FroYo on stock RFS.


  19. If you live in a 4G city (which will be everywhere ultimately) and this phone is only 3G then what’s the point?

  20. Do you hear that Google? “Marketing and distribution efforts”! They pay off! Try that if you decide to do another phone of your own!

  21. It’s gonna ship with Froyo, and stay stuck on it until Honeycomb and Ice Cream have shipped, then it’ll receive Gingerbread in 2012 the earliest. Typical Crapsung. Before everyone gets their panties in a bunch know that I own an Epic 4G. Based on that I bet anyone can guess why I have such animosity towards Crapsung.

  22. @Anon agreed. the square look of that phone plus vanilla android would be perfection

  23. …i love my EPiC and i always get a NEW PHONE EVERY YEAR.I wouldnt HESiTATE to get a GALAXY S2…

  24. …i LOVE my EPiC and wouldnt HESiTATE to get an S2 as long as it has a SLiDE-OUT KEYBOARD.

  25. wow, so samsung is producing more and more phones? they should support the devices they’ve sold us first.! where the hell is our update/ froyo for US galaxy s phones,, ha? fcking samsung!!!!

  26. @jk blame your carriers and not Samsung, Samsung has already released froyo for international Galaxy S

  27. This should be the nexus 2. Not galaxy s 2. If they could create this hardware as a nexus device and get it to all carriers it would be epic!

  28. I think this might be Samsung’s first LTE phone on verizon come late Feb.-March…

  29. I don’t care about any of that. Most of us are going to throw a case on the phone anyway, so who gives a $%^& if the body is plastic or metal. Metal doesn’t make it go any faster and plastic doesn’t make it go slower.

    And yes not having Froyo yet sucks but all the stupid carriers want to add their own spin on the UI. I get that Android is an open source but it should be an open source for the end user not the distributor. They should sell the skins as an option when i purchase the phone. The carriers are the ones holding up our updates.

    As far as the Galaxy S2,, if they have a super AMOLED screen 4.3-inches 340ppi 1280×720. Are you kidding that will destroy every screen out there. Couple that with a dual core and im freaking sold. with hardware like that i won’t complain to much about the updates.

  30. Exactly. WTF is up with this plastic feel crap? My vibrant feels just as solid as solid can be being this thin. I’ve had the G1 and the Vibrant doesn’t feel any less durable. I have the rubber padding on it anyway and this thing, I dropped from my ear and nothing happend. NO scratch whatsoever.

    Eitherway, if the facts are true, Samsung has done it again. They seriously are going to take over the mobile world.

  31. Everything is perfect but 4 inch is truly sufficient, galaxy s sells so well for it’s super amoled and the just right 4 inch screen. I’d get the lg star if it ended up with 4.5 inch, I alr found some motorola and htc phones an eyesore with 4.3 inch screens

  32. Ah, another U.S. soon-to-be-orphaned phone from Samsung. Thanks, Samsung and U.S. carriers. IF, and that’s a big if, IF they do this S2/Nexus S or whatever the @#$% it is, and do it right, and it sells like hotcakes… maybe, just maybe, it’ll give them some leverage, which they will use with the U.S. carriers on their next carrier-bound top of the line release. Leverage to get the carriers to stop creating so many problems. Maybe.

    In a totally unrelated story, I’ve heard pigs are starting to fly; I’m going out to our local hog farm to check it out.

  33. @Brent, yeah, I heard pigs were starting to fly, too. Just don’t stand under their flight path when you go visit the farm :-) Hmmm, guess I should add, or under the flight path of the folks at Samsung marketing and advertising. Same risk.

  34. It looks more the a rectangle design; not unlike the HTC Evo or the Desire HD.

  35. SAMMY is going to own. This phone looks freakin awesome. Thanks Samsung! I love your support on my Vibrant and you guys rock!

  36. This hurts in your pocket.

  37. Yea about Amoled, SAmoled, SAmoled 2….
    If the higher ppi will help with what some folks see as not quite as sharp as LCD, the Pentile Matrix screen door effect…I may finally be sold on Amoled..

  38. jroc, amoled screens is the best thing that happend to mobile screen technology. I’ve seen many screens but the only one that comes close is the iphone4, [love the iphone4 screen] Every other screen i’ve looked at including the droid 2 evo etc, ALL LOOK LIKE CRAP. I’m not just saying this. They are washed out and painful to look at.

  39. How don’t this look and sound like the phone everyone weasa deeming the nexus S mmm hmmm I believe the nS rumor have been solve did oned of the android head saifd that there will be no more nexus get it through your thick skull the nexus ended at the first that’s google said it who else have to tell y’all this GOD will I understand then

  40. Hopefully, it will come with stock Honeycomb, and if this will have Super AMOLED 2, then they better have solved the subpixel issue or it won’t have real 340 ppi anyway.

  41. I’d love to see an HTC version of this.

  42. Samsung I want this phone now!

  43. @42.hutchlarry2010

    They said they had no “plans”. Plans change with time. we already have seen photos of the actual device but it is being revised to include a dual-core processor. Nexus 2/s is definitely coming the question is just when? how long will it take to replace all the manufactured devices with the newer chipset?

  44. HTC Fanboys need to shut up they don’t even make near 50% of their devices components and their hardware is always crappy. Quality is Samsung when its about hardware. They just need to get their software straight as well. Touchwiz 3.0 ain’t bad just a bit of lag maybe if they had it like the Dell streak where you can download the UI and still have stock Android then it would be better.

  45. @2FR35H
    I didn’t know that about the Dell Streak, I wish all companies making Android phones would give you the option to download their custom UI or keep it stock.

  46. I had a dream last night that I saw a commercial on TV for the NS…

  47. that device is exactly the device I’m waiting for. The screen sice is gig enough but small enough for the pocket and the screen resolution is great for browsing in the internet. Hope this devive will come with a good quality build !

  48. @hutchlarry 2010
    Google said there wouldnt be a NEXUS 2 meaning they could their next google experience phone anything they want like nexus s for example, they can even drop nexus and name it something else. Eric said it himself the other day, the interview link is on phandroid. don’t be dumb and just think you know everything and because you think it is right that we all must believe your opinion.

  49. wow this blows everything else outta the water. Urgh…NS or should I wait for this now..

    I reckon Samsung will be *AT LEAST* 6 months ahead of everyone else in terms of h/w tech. The Galaxy series was just the start! :D

  50. some of you people are just too much! what is this lag you are refering to any way? I have an epic, its a good phone, and samsung is a good company with great customer support. (And no, i dont work for them.)next time you’re using that little multi-function communication/entertainment device and thinking of all the complaints you have about it, and the companies that have made this technology available to the masses at a fairly reasonable price. remember this: you hold in the palm of your hand a computer with more processing power than the huge rooms full of computers that were used to sucessfully put men on the moon less than fifty years ago. and JUST BE F%$*ING HAPPY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE!

  51. Now the iphone is officially out of contention with the announcement of the S2, talk about a smartphone! Crazy specs on it.

  52. Terrific look and definition, 1280×720 WOW !

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