Nexus S Reboot Fix Coming Within 2 Weeks


The Nexus S is a great phone but has definitely had its fair share of problems. First were the SMS bugs, which Samsung thankfully fixed by pushing Android 2.3.2 to these devices. But still lingering is an issue we’d consider more than pesky – people’s phones are randomly rebooting while they’re in the middle of active calls.

Keep your fingers crossed, wish upon a star, don’t walk under any ladders and you may have your fix within the next couple weeks. Google Employee “Ry Guy” indicates they’ll likely roll out an OTA in the next 1 to 2 weeks since their initial fix tests are proving positive:

Hello again everyone,

The initial results of our tests look very promising. At this rate we will most likely be rolling out an OTA to resolve this issue within one to two weeks. We really appreciate your patience as we do our final verifications on this fix before sending it out.

-Ry Guy

Be sure to let us know if and when you get that Nexus S update!

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  1. Also worth reporting, a common issue with Back/Home button malfunctions (phantom long press) has been addressed by the same Google employee here:


    Ry Guy
    Google Employee
    5:24 PM
    Hey all,

    Just wanted to let you know that this issue is on our radar and we’ve investigated with Samsung. Look for this to be fixed in an upcoming OTA.

    -Ry Guy

  2. Would love to see an update to fix wifi and reboot issues for Droid X as well!! Just venting…

  3. ‘Samsung thankfully fixed by pushing Android 2.3.2 to these devices’…

    I believe GOOGLE released that OTA update, NOT Samsung for the Nexus S. Samsung has nothing to to do with the Nexus S’ software, that’s why it’s a Nexus phone :P

  4. Yeah, imagine if that phone was being updated by Samsung. Everybody that owns it would be stuck with reboot issues and SMS bugs. Just another reason why I say, “FUCK YOU SAMMY!!!” I want my money back for my stupid bug infested Vibrant. And no, I’m not rooting you tool bags that keep suggesting it. I shouldn’t have to root, so fuck off.

  5. @Contraus Never buy another skinned Android phone again because your chances of that happening again are real high and how many times are you willing to be fooled. Just buy a Nexus S, I don’t like Samsung also but thankfully they don’t control this phone, Google does. We already got 3 updates in one month 2.3, 2.3.1 and 2.3.2. When I bought the Nexus One back in early 2010 it was the first Android phone that I didn’t ever have to root to make it good.

  6. GOOGLE had it good with htc and the nexus one they should have never allowed SAMSUNG to do the NEXUS S. Guess they wanted to spread the love to all manufacturers which i guess I understand.. TRUTHFULLY IF IT IS NOT BROKE LEAVE IT ALONE… THIS DEVICE IS NO HTC EVO 4G WHICH WILL BITCH SLAP THIS NEXUS S ALL NIGHT LONG… They need to find an update that will include micro sd card and 4g… SAMSUNG SUCKS EGGS

  7. that a problem 2 how about a lil bug fix it takes them that long apple does it in a snap… google gotta take control over all there OTA UPDATED ALL OF THEM

  8. @Richard you should be a comedian because I was LMFAO at your comment.

  9. My guess is this means another Gingerbread holdup for the Nexus One. :( Doubtful Google will have a year old phone running GB without problems while their latest flagship can’t do it.

  10. Please don’t send it to me because I have never had a reboot issue with my device

  11. @2FR35H But what if it is bundled with other features? There was a rumor that Google music might be launching soon. I also don’t have any problems with my Nexus S but I was apart of the people who kept getting bad Nexus Ones for months, some people went through 6 phones until they got a working one.

  12. right, b/c samsung was involved with android and this random reboot bug, richard. you are retarded

  13. Well I bought my Nexus S like a week ago and the girl from Best Buy told me not to download the update because that is what is making it reboot. Apparently she is right since my phone has not rebooted once. I’ll wait for this update to come then.

  14. My wife has the Nexus S and she has never had a forced reboot… BEFORE or AFTER the 2.3.2 update she got. People who have problems with their phones will always be the most vocal segment of the phone owning population. Sorry if your having problems with your Nexus S but the Nexus S we’ve owned has been as advertised. It passes the wife test… it has to just work and thus far it has.

  15. … as a side note I don’t really understand how these phones are not selling like hotcakes. I guess the general consumer doesn’t really understand the benefit of not having the carrier have complete control of the phone and the services that run on that phone. Big conflict of interest there. If Google keeps making them, I’ll never buy another carrier controlled phone again…

  16. @Richard your Evo is a POS compared to the Nexus S. Although Samsung uses a lot of plastic, they never cheap out on internals like HTC does. I don’t like Samsung but they did an amazing job with the Nexus S and I would love to see if your EVO can play Gameloft’s games as perfectly as my Nexus S. Anyways my NS hasn’t rebooted on its own since I got it.

  17. @Aja same here, if Google keeps the Nexus line going you bet ill get the next Nexus phone. Hopefully its made by Sony Ericsson or Sharp and not Motocrap or cHeapTC.

  18. @Eddie
    I completely agree. Richard did make me laugh really hard though. I think it’s hilarious that he actually believes his evo is better than the nexus s.

    I absolutely love mine. I still haven’t had it reboot on me. Games play so smooth.

  19. Nice job, android. All the hardware manufacturers are holding up their end of the bargain with cutting edge technology, and you’re still randomly rebooting and sending texts to random contacts. Try harder to create a consistent software experience or else why would I give up my i4 and come back to the developer that burned me in some way on all 5 of my androids. You suck for now (that’s meant to encourage, I’d love to come back)

  20. Steer clear of Samsung phones. All of their phones are buggy since they made the Moment. And their updates take a long time to be released.

  21. Great newes, although I’ve only had about two reboots in over a month. God, I love the Nexus S, a lot more than Nexus One.

  22. @Bob Thanks for not knowing a damn thing about Nexus phones.
    *shakes head in disappointment*

  23. Google/Stock/Nexus FTW

  24. Word on the street is, Nokia is now considering an Android phone (rumor!).

    In my wet dreams, the next Nexus phone will be manufactured by Nokia. Can you imagine, Nokia build quality with Google software support?

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