Android 2.3.2 Update Pushing to Nexus S Phone, Fixes SMS Bug


Just yesterday we got word that an update was poised for release on the Nexus S and that it would fix the SMS bug seeing text messages sent to the wrong contact, and now several of you readers have reported in to inform us that the update is starting to reach handsets now. Never mind that yesterday we heard it wouldn’t be out until next week, the update bring the version number on Android on the Nexus S to 2.3.2.

Update is going out over-the-air right now, so hang tight and it should hit your Nexus S shortly if you have one.

[thanks to all that sent this in!]

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  1. Does anyone have the manual link? Also if you happen to get the update, please download alogcat from the marketplace so we can see the link therefore anyone who wants to install it manually will be able to.

  2. You mean Android 2.2.2

  3. Does it fix the skymap bug where your phone is stuck in landscape after using skymap?

  4. @Kevin, Nope! Android 2.3.2…Nexus S have Gingerbread buddy.

  5. This will be integrated into cm7 as soon as it hits aosp.

  6. I wonder if this is why the Nexus One doesn’t have Gingerbread yet…

  7. (@Alex): Nexus S 2.3.2 ~ http://android.clients.google.com/packages/ota/google_crespo/353e267378cd.signed-soju-GRH78C-from-GRH78.353e2673.zip

    @Kevin: No. The Nexus S ships with Android 2.3.0 (OTA’d to 2.3.1) and now it’ll be 2.3.2. The Nexus One is receiving 2.2.2.

  8. i have 4.3 already iOS

  9. Actually it’s already been added to tonight’s cm7 nightly build http://bit.ly/fD3MWa

  10. @Alex i will post the link if I get the update before someone else posts it. It’s funny this update was just released. Today was my first experience with this bug. And it didn’t turn out to well.

  11. Does this update fix the lack of 4g and micro sd cards????? NOT….. NEXUS S NO BIG DEAL…. SAMSUNG NEVER… HTC RULES THIS PARTY….

  12. @Richard

    Yes, HTC ruled so much they gave me a whole 100Mb for apps on my HTC desire.
    With a sub par gpu.
    seriously, i like sense more than touchwiz, but HTC does make mistakes and takes its sweet time with carrier updates. (3 months after the HTC desire got 2.2, my carrier branded one finally received it). HTC also isn’t above abandoning you to old versions (ive yet to hear of new sense on the original desire, nor gingerbread)

  13. Saw this on a Best Buy demo just a couple hours ago

  14. Apologies, considering how much I loved my htc desire (gave it to my brother when I replaced it with the s rather than ebaying it) I went a little overboard. I just found it odd that htc was getting the “chosen one” treatment. They’re good, just not THAT good :)

  15. I haven’t seen anywhere if this patch will be available to 2.2 and 2.1… It’s quite a serious flaw and should be patched across the board. If not, then Google just took a serious nosedive in my books. It would be like buying a car with faulty airbags, and the only way to get a fix is to buy a new car…

  16. CM7 ftw. I got this on my MyTouch4G yesterday. Probably before some Nexus S. Can confirm the bug is fixed.

  17. Everyone one is talking about this OTA, I was one of the 1st people in the US to get the NS but still no update and no links? Wheres my 2.3.2 Google? I won’t lie, I haven’t experienced one bug or glitch so far but of course I wantz my update!

  18. i MUST SAY i WAS A LITTLE SURPRISE WHEN i DIDNT GET MY ota 3 DAYS after this post came out so yesI had to update manually. Everyone just do a GOOGLE search for “Nexus S Update Link” and the 1st 2 have the direct download. Updated today to 2.3.2 and everything is working great. Love you Google, **KISSES**

  19. Just got my update.

  20. Just got it…

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