Original DROID, Samsung Continuum to Receive Maintenance Upgrades


We have some upgrade news from Big Red to help you folks kick the morning off. The Original Motorola DROID will soon get a maintenance upgrade – no Gingerbread here, folks – which could be the Android 2.2.2 update that the Nexus One saw not too long ago. At least one lucky user is getting the chance to test the update before it’s released, but it’s so minor that I’m sure not many others are jealous.

The Samsung Continuum is also getting a maintenance upgrade, and it too won’t take the device past its current version of Android – 2.1. For your convenience, here’s a list of what it will do:

  • Reply/Forward Visual Voice Mail audio files as attachments
  • Improved Visual Voice Mail functionality
  • Press the camera button no longer launches the Messenger Application
  • All received picture messages properly display the embedded image
  • Added ability to delete a threaded message while in the body of the thread
  • Alert appears when a message of 150+ characters sends as an MMS message
  • When using V CAST Music, the audio track will auto-pause if you select a V CAST or native video to start
  • Added multiple email messages to be deleted from POP3 accounts
  • Contact time displays correctly in the notification bar when a text message is received
  • Successfully hide all declined events on Facebook application
  • Improved voice dialing response time when connected to a Bluetooth headset or car kit
  • “Locate Me” GPS feature in the WeatherBug widget now works correctly.
  • Properly display Daylight Savings Time in WeatherBug application
  • Completely delete RSS history
  • Avoid device transitioning into a no service state when it should not have
  • Device will not force close when setting a wallpaper
  • VCAST Apps are now available

That update is said to be available OTA right now. If you haven’t been prompted, Settings > About Phone  > System Updates should get you started. [via Droid-Life, IntoMobile]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. But, but… Motorola NEVER sends out updates!

  2. Hey motorola and verizon, how come droid 2 is getting no love? Is droid 2 getting gingerbread?

  3. To hell with the droid 2, I want gingerbread on my droid X.

  4. Not available on system updates

  5. MrTruthiness, who gives a crap about your droid x. The droid two seems to be forgotten since the droid xfinity.and the droid global. It is like the droid 2 doesn’t exist.

  6. Interesting, I wonder if anyone will think twice about trading in their original Droid for an iPhone if they know they’re getting 2.2.

    Though, is the O-Droid capable of 2.2 things like Mobile Wifi or 720p video?

  7. So this is FRGXXX?
    Will need this for my girlfriends phone, I am running CM7 on my droid. Gingerbread FTW!
    @JPB, original droid has had 2.2 for a long time. You can use it as a mobile access point too, maybe not without paying verizon though on their rom.

  8. Soothis isnt available for my original droid right now..?

  9. @Unwhined.
    LOL!! Exactly.
    Moto just leaves overseas folks hanging…like I’m sure overseas folks are very happy with Samsung and updates..

  10. I wish gingerbread would just come out for my desire hd!

  11. Yep gotta wait for the Ota.

  12. Droid 2 sucks BTW, I have thenSamsung Continuum and my dad has the Droid X!

  13. I thought my DROID was great for 11.9 months until the screen went haywire. I got a replacement throught VZW insurance (refrubished). It has been a total piece of garbage… I don’t know if it’s the OS, the hardware or what but I’m tired of pressing the home button and having to wait sometimes 30-45 seconds for the icons to show up. If I’m lucky I will have something in the status bar so I can go directly to the program I need to. I’ve uninstalled all of the programs that made the phone worth a crap… I’ve freed up memory, blah blah blah. If this piece is so outdated for me not to be able to run an alt home screen, guess what I’m not giving Moto another chance. I’m sorry I’d just like to be able to answer the phone when it rings or not have to set my display to stay on for 60 seconds to give it enough time to show my programs. You know what I do now when I wanna check email or internet, I dont grab my phone, I grab my MacBook Air… I guess I will be one of the mind numb robots to go iPhone on 2/3 just to be like everyone else. Sorry Android but how can I take the chance? I want something that’s proven to work… That is a complete 180 turn from 6 months ago. I guess I’m just too stupid to know how to keep this thing running.

  14. Perfect for my Droid 1. That four froyo update now. Hopefully gingerbread can come in April.

  15. I hope they fix how badly they trashed my Droid 1 with the 2.2 upgrade. Like ScottL, the home screen redraw creates a HUGE delay in using my phone. It’s awful. I wish Motorola would acknowledge this and take some responsibility for finding a solution. Maybe 2.2.2 will fix it. I doubt it, but I’ve still got my fingers crossed.

  16. Yeah … kinda sick of the delays for various screen refreshes/changes … not just the home page … run multiple virus scanners and none of them found anything (after which I removed them) … Currently have crashes from some apps when I just ‘back button’ from their home screens …

    Running FRG83D; signed up with Motorola to maybe test some beta ROM update, but that was 6 weeks ago, and I never received anything …

    I was hoping there would be a decent Gingerbread ROM I could root and overwrite my phone for, but it doesn’t look like that is too stable yet, either …

    I’ll be ready for my new phone this fall, and put this older hardware out to pasture …

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