Jan 28th, 2011

We have some upgrade news from Big Red to help you folks kick the morning off. The Original Motorola DROID will soon get a maintenance upgrade – no Gingerbread here, folks – which could be the Android 2.2.2 update that the Nexus One saw not too long ago. At least one lucky user is getting the chance to test the update before it’s released, but it’s so minor that I’m sure not many others are jealous.

The Samsung Continuum is also getting a maintenance upgrade, and it too won’t take the device past its current version of Android – 2.1. For your convenience, here’s a list of what it will do:

  • Reply/Forward Visual Voice Mail audio files as attachments
  • Improved Visual Voice Mail functionality
  • Press the camera button no longer launches the Messenger Application
  • All received picture messages properly display the embedded image
  • Added ability to delete a threaded message while in the body of the thread
  • Alert appears when a message of 150+ characters sends as an MMS message
  • When using V CAST Music, the audio track will auto-pause if you select a V CAST or native video to start
  • Added multiple email messages to be deleted from POP3 accounts
  • Contact time displays correctly in the notification bar when a text message is received
  • Successfully hide all declined events on Facebook application
  • Improved voice dialing response time when connected to a Bluetooth headset or car kit
  • “Locate Me” GPS feature in the WeatherBug widget now works correctly.
  • Properly display Daylight Savings Time in WeatherBug application
  • Completely delete RSS history
  • Avoid device transitioning into a no service state when it should not have
  • Device will not force close when setting a wallpaper
  • VCAST Apps are now available

That update is said to be available OTA right now. If you haven’t been prompted, Settings > About Phone  > System Updates should get you started. [via Droid-Life, IntoMobile]

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