AT&T Shows Tremendous Growth With Q4’10 Numbers


AT&T has just released their 4th quarter 2010 numbers, as well as numbers for 2010 overall. They enjoyed tremendous growth last quarter adding 2.8 million subscribers, pushing them to 8.9 million on the year – the most growth they’ve ever enjoyed. (But still sitting second behind Verizon with 95.5 million subscribers.)

I’m sure a majority of their success has been due to the launch of the iPhone 4, but AT&T also gives a quick nod to the addition of 442,000 “new wireless” subscribers (tablet users) last quarter, attributing success to the iPad and Android-based tablets. (Their only Android-based tablet is the Samsung Galaxy Tab.)

They’re up 2.1% in consolidated revenues since the same quarter last year bringing in $653 million more than they did at the same point last year and posting 9.9% and 9.6% in wireless revenues and wireless service revenues, respectively. (To be quite honest, we’re not sure how the two differentiate from each other.

As far as smartphone-specific numbers, they added 4.1 million new iPhone activations out of a total 7.4 million devices, but we can’t assume the majority of the rest are comprised of Android phones considering they carry the latest Blackberry handset and Windows Phone 7.

To see their abbreviated breakdown, head on over to AT&T’s site.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. As per the report, 4.1 million iphones were sold, 3.3 million other phones were sold. But if you listen to iphone fanbois, people are just buying iphones in the smartphone category.

  2. Please tell us how many users Sprint and T-mobile have.

  3. And what does sales have to do with Android? all the sales came from Iphone 4 and 3Gs nothing else.

  4. Dont know who in thier right mind would have anything to do with this company? This company is evil.

  5. AT&T better come out with their 4G android phones quick. They better bring the Infuse and the Atrix out in the next couple weeks. People have been waiting YEARS for the IPhone on a CDMA carrier. Now that’s its VZW it’s even sweeter for consumers. AT&T is about to lose market share and revenues. Everyone is going to storm over for the IPhone on VZW. If AT&T wants to continue to see YoY growth then they better bring these devices fast.

  6. Inspector Gadget,
    AT&T specifically said 4.1 million IPhones. So that leaves 3.3 million non-IPhones in the new activations of the postpaid category.

  7. I’ve been with att for many years. I’m glad the iphone is moving. So called the most powerful phone has only at lease one year or less life span.

  8. Quentyn,

    I think you got your facts mixed up. AT&T now has 95.5 million customers and Verizon has 94.1. Making AT&T the new largest provider based on number of customers.

    This is new lead that is not expected to last once the Verizon iPhone sales begin.

  9. I am continually amazed at the stupidity of the people in this country. The worst friggin carrier in nearly every way, yet they enjoy the most growth of all. Brilliant.

  10. @Gus crap, you’re right. I always thought Verizon was sitting around 110 million.

  11. Interesting article. Where is the mention of the 60% drop in 4Q profits from the previous year? The addition of 400k new subscribers in 4Q10 as opposed to 910K adds in 4Q09?

    The article makes it sound like AT&T is doing spectacularly good, when the numbers are actually showing that business is slowing. Revenues were up, however, which means that they’re making more money off of fewer subscribers adds. Curious as to where that’s coming from. Possible that they’re not spending money (on things like network upgrades) or they’re getting more money from their subscriber base.

  12. @ROM the Spaceknight .. if you read this article ..
    http://articles.cnn.com/2010-01-29/tech/att.network.boost_1_cell-sites-new-cell-network-upgrades?_s=PM:TECH … You will realize that the whole “ATT doesn’t spend any money” thing is BS .. The headline is misleading on the article in it should include the word “additional”, but does not .. so your home work.. How much did AT&T spend on upgrading their network last year ? ?

  13. @dennis, I’m just a commenter, throwing out a few facts and some questions. Quentin is the one who should be doing his homework.

  14. I can’t wait to see their Q1 projections plummet with the people that jump ship to Verizon.

  15. Easy to do, considering they spend very little on customer support and upgrading their network. You can look for Big Red to take the lead again as soon as the iPhone releases next month.

  16. How many people will really make the jump from ATT to Verizon for the iPhone?

    Have the plans for the Verizon iPhone been released yet?

    I’m currently on Sprint but I can’t see wanting to pay what Verizon wants for their monthly service, no matter what phone they have.

    With that being said, I am looking at the Motorola Atrix.

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