HTC Cooking Up a Couple Facebook Phones?


Here we go again with more Facebook phone rumors. While the upcoming INQ Cloud Touch has up until now been whispered about as the phone that could most closely be called a true “Facebook Phone,” perhaps the social network giant will be offering up its brand through several companies as a (at the moment) very shaky rumor is suggesting HTC will also deploy a couple Android devices featuring more robust Facebook support.

That support is said to include direct integration of Facebook chat and voice calling features, as well as news feed and messages homescreen widgets. Of the pair of handsets we are hearing of, one might even get a physical QWERTY keyboard. We seriously doubt any phone will ever be released as the Facebook Phone. We also suggest you take this particular rumor with a large grain of sodium chloride. We will possibly know more by MWC 2011.

[via AndroidCommunity]

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  1. I like NaCL2.

  2. Wouldn’t call it “shaky” because the original source was the very first to speak of the the existence of the Nexus S.

  3. what would a facebook phone offer one other than what android or ios already do?

  4. No! I don’t care about Facebook phones! Nor does anyone!

  5. The only thing I can see offering that other phones don’t is the ability to play FB games on the handset… OMG, farmville on the go! or whatever it’s popular now

  6. A Facebook phone is a phone for children or really silly adults.

  7. next comes facebook tablets calling it!

  8. Twitter Phone, that would be more popular in the android community than a “Facebook phone” especially if it had direct integration with Tinychat via Front facing camera, lol

  9. It’s a LAME idea.

  10. Don’t you mean ‘HTC Cooking Up a Couple *of* Facebook Phones?’

    You really should have a sub with a qualification in English.

  11. facebook? on android ?
    >> maarket >> facebook (on any android phone, so what…)

  12. @ LOST- Oh wait, you already can play Facebook games on Android.

    Froyo + Flash = Game Time!

  13. Please be doomed.

  14. Facebook is a virus!

  15. y dont they cook up a decent htc app for facebook ?

  16. push notifications for android is all that facebook needs on android.

  17. But I thought Facebook was shuttin down in in March =/

  18. @Kevin: I’ve never played a FB game.. so, I had no clue how they ran. In that case… then I have no idea what the “FaceBook phones” bring to the table that all other Android phones already got.
    @Alex: What’s the official FaceBook app lacking for you? For me, I wish I could see “group pages” or whatever they are called called. I can always open up the web browser and go, if I really want to see those.

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