BioWallet Demos Iris Recognition Technology, Introduces BioWallet2Browser in Beta


Bio-recognition technology for phones is something that hasn’t quite caught on just yet, but many are eager for the day when it is perfected. We’ve seen a few attempts at facial recognition and even a phone or two with fingerprint scanner on board, but BioWallet has an interesting video up of a demo of their iris recognition technology. It isn’t quite yet prepped for primetime, but seems to be doing a pretty good job as is.

The video was tacked onto the end of a little invitation BioWallet is sending out to its beta testers to try out a new application based on BioWallet Signature called BioWallet2Browser. The concept stores your passwords on your phone securely and pulls them into your browser when surfing on your PC (Chrome only, for now). The video below will do a better job of explaining then I could:

Looks like the BioWallet team has some pretty cool things up their sleeves for the near future. We’re pretty excited to see where this technology leads.

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  1. Like a barcode scanner on steroids!

  2. It works.

  3. thwy should of demoed someone trying to get into someone else’s.

  4. @ivan: The end result should be frying the eyeball. :P

  5. Has anyone ever tried to LOOK into the flash LED of any modern phone? (Cue “with remaining eye” jokes below…)

  6. haven’t seen the video yet…
    sucks when you get punched & are too swollen to open your eye up completely…

  7. Hold it closer, use manual focus and turn on the led-flash only on exposure and you’ll get a retina scan (bonus: borked night vision).

  8. this is great for all those chicks who take pics of there eyes and put them on facebook…

  9. This is a great development. I think they are doing great work. We did this stuff a year ago and realized that the rear camera with flash, while good for iris scanning, was NOT good for peoples eyes, and making it work with the FFC (front facing camera) without a flash, is something we will be showing in BioLock very soon. If these guys stay with it, I am sure they will solve the problem as well and come out with a good product.

  10. Am I missing something? If someone manages to get a good picture of your eye, won’t that be enough to fool the system?

  11. Well, iris technology is not that simple. I think BioWallet cannot distinguish between a real eye and a photographed eye. Then, you’d better not expect too much security on this.

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