More Motorola Droid X2 Rumors Further Suggest Dual-Core Processor, ‘Daytona’ Code Name


We recently ran over a quick bit of speculation based on some insider whispers that the Motorola Droid X2 is indeed in the pipeline and should sport a dual-core processor. New word emerging a report over at HotHardware claims their insiders have further confirmed the story that a dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor will indeed be present in the successor to the Droid X. Another fun fact let loose is that the phone is currently going around under the Motorola Daytona codename.

This new source also states that it’s too early to truly know if the X2 will be a 4G LTE handset. That’s not saying it will be, just that it hasn’t been decided. Depending on how close this phone launches to the Droid Bionic may be a determining factor in that.

[via Android and Me]

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  1. First!!! What do I win??

  2. You people at Verizon got it so damn good. Tmobile still thinks people don’t want this kind of device.

  3. @pimpstrong
    Tmobile is getting lots of android devices and always gets the nexus so idk why you are complaining

  4. So what is going to set this apart from the Bionic? The specs seem to be the same.

  5. come to europe with unlocked bootloader and im sold

  6. meh, locked bootloader once again. just waiting for a HTC dual core LTE phone

  7. I really hope the X2 will come with a front facing camera

  8. I Love the size and feel of that phone .. only I’ll never get one: because it’s Motorola and it’s not GSM ! I’m sure the bootloader will get broken .. but it’ll take time again.

  9. meh, come on HTC dual core, LTE, WITH a keyboard.

    yes, i still use a keyboard, especially for games!

  10. I dont care if it has quantum processors, TMJ-RAM, and magically downloads data at 400Tbps. If the bootloader is locked, I want nothing to do with it.

  11. All you babies crying about a locked bootloader need to grow up and stop the whining.

    1. 95% of the people that will purchase this phone don’t care about a locked bootloader.

    2. It will probably be broken before or a week after it is released anyway. So, just be glad something this nice is coming down the pipe.

  12. @ WaitingPatiently
    “95% of the people that will purchase this phone don’t care about a locked bootloader.”

    You’re right because most people who care about a locked bootloader won’t be buying this phone because the bootloader will be locked!!!

  13. Owner of the Droid X since launch day. Non-Rooted. Shit runs as clean as ever. If the internal ram on the Droid X2 are bigger than Bionics and front facing camera I’ll hold out for that Beast!

  14. There is NO such thing as breaking or unlocking motos bootloader. Impossible. Booo for moto. It will still sell to the masses though.

  15. I thought the Droid Bionic was kind of the Droid X2. Same screen size with improved resolution, dual core processor, 4G, sounds like it to me.

  16. I agree with WickedToby and Brandon. The Bionic seems like the Droid X2.

    I’m still waiting for a 4″ dual core LTE phone. 4″3 is just too big

  17. @DJ i’m gonna call BS, pretty sure you’d be all over that phone

  18. I live in Daytona Beach, FL, does that mean anything? :)

  19. yes, that extra .3″ diagonal is just a killer!!!!!! WTF

  20. i agree with “waitingpatiently” couldnt give a toss about bootloaders… ive yet to see the need for it. ive got more apps and widgets than ill ever be able to use. ive had my milestone 2 a couple months now. love it as it is. after all the bad press on here about motorola i resisted buying it for months and months, but my old phone needed replacing so i finally took the gamble. would definitely purchase another motorola without a seconds hesistation.

  21. Phones with bootloaders have been rooted, themed, and overclocked. What they can’t do is install a newer version of the operating system without an official release.

  22. @iamsteventucker No, I wouldn’t be “all over that phone”. Aside from the locked bootloader, it has no physical keyboard. I also just ordered a Droid OG refurb a few hours ago because I am sick of the locked bootloader on my Droid2 (which was a replacement from assurion after sending me 2 OG refurbs with issues- a power button that didnt work and one with issues with the touchscreen). I spend a lot of time flashing custom ROMs, themeing them the way I like, and most importantly, with the kernel unlocked, I’d be able to run true ROM updates. I guarantee you will sell tons of them as most people never even heard nor care about even what android os version theyre on, but it isnt for me. If it was unlocked, I might possibly look at one, but nah, I’ll pass. I can switch back and forth between the D1 and D2 easily enough until something better comes along, and vzw never cared how many of their phones I activated on my line per day, I was never even charged.

  23. I hope it has 1gb of ram, since the x and the bionic have 512. And I hope for a shape less like a GPS. Even though I love my x, it ain’t pretty.

  24. The htc evo 4g on sprint and the motorola droid x ruled 2010 for android… In 2011 both will return BIGGER AND STRONGER and will lead us into 2012… I am a PROUD HTC EVO 4G OWNER and can’t wait for the HTC EVO 2 4G so I am sure my fellow android Droid X owners are waiting for there SEQUEL MODEL AS WELL

  25. They should have named it Droid XX, and then the subsequent one Droid XXX…

  26. If it has the sliding keyboard I will buy it, if it can me past the crappy 1 mb dl speed I will definitely buy it.

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