Want the Notion Ink Adam without the Notion Ink Hassle? Eden Firmware Available for your Viewsonic GTablet


The wait for the Notion Ink Adam was frustrating to say the least. Once the tablet finally went on sale, the wait for the Adam to ship was equally as irksome. Once Notion Ink’s wonder tablet turned out to be less wonderful than expected, that was just disappointing. But thanks to XDA you can now get the Adam experience with half the hassle, and maybe even rid yourself of some Viewsonic GTablet buyer’s remorse at the same time.

Those brilliant Android hackers have lifted the Eden UI firmware from the Adam and ported it over for use on Viewsonic’s slate. It isn’t fully functional — the camera among other things is out of commission — but that should only be a minor setback for now. Eventually the firmware will be fully functional, and we expect to see it ported to at least a few more tablets before it’s all said and done. Ah, what a bit of free time and ingenuity will get you.

[via CrunchGear]

Kevin Krause
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  1. Wha? Did I miss your hands-on with the Adam? Last I heard it hadn’t arrived yet and all we’d seen was a company unboxing.

  2. “Once Notion Ink’s wonder tablet turned out to be less wonderful than expected, that was just disappointing”

    What are you going on about? For the price of the Adam tablet, it is WONDERFUL.

    Guessing you don’t have one right?

  3. Simon I was wondering the exact same thing. What did I miss here???

  4. Fantastic news. The guys at XDA are tearing through it now, loving my $280 Viewsonic G Tablet even more. The choices of ROMs is only getting better every day.

  5. WOW this is great…the G Tablet was the best choice i made…so glad i didn’t wait out on newer tablets as this thing has proven to be a beast!!

  6. Simon, Lekky, and Paul T:

    It is out and has been delivered to people already. I’m a developer in EAP 1.

    Hate to break it to you, Eden is a MAJOR disappointment. This thing is buggier then a crack house in East Baltimore.

    I was a hardcore follower but now I think our dev group is going to pass on this thing. Still no SDK, and hell the Eden ROM/Firmware isn’t even up to par.

  7. Why is Notion Ink is less wonderful than expected?

    1. if you do a quick web search for some feedback from folks already receiving their Adam tablets, you will find that the response has been overwhelmingly negative. Very buggy, hardware isn’t living up to expectations. Most are saying it could have used a little more time in development.

  8. TT: The software is GARBAGE!!

    Kevin: I tried to give you guys an exclusive months ago, I live near the Phandroid founder (forgot his name). But anyway you’re absolutely right. But a “little more time in development” is putting it lightly.

  9. The news the other day is the out of box software update bricks it. They are not off to a good start

  10. The good news is it’s in the hands of XDA now. They’ll work on Eden.

    PS: Hardware wise, the Adam is nice. But it’s nothing without quality software. Now everyone knows why Rohan has been only showing a few apps here and there and even then you got a very limited walk-thru of those apps. For one there really aren’t many apps included to begin with. Hopefully they have some major updates coming down the pipe. Well there’s always the Motorola XOOM.

    1. @techie leaks

      Hit me up with an email so I have your address, sorry we missed your news last time but always looking for input/scoops from people in the know. I actually live up the road from Rob (who runs Phandroid) as well, and lol’d at your east Baltimore reference.

  11. Oh wow! I was seriously interested with Notion Ink.

    Dont you guys think devs at XDA will come up a firmware for it? Hardware is really promising.

  12. Techie Leaks, thanks for the info. I’m a casual Android junkie and have had my eye on the Adam for awhile. I’ve done a few searches and haven’t found any reviews from owners of real, shipped units. When Kevin mentioned that the Adam was a disappointment, it caught me by surprise – not because it actually is a disappointment, but because usually a statement like that is preceded by an actual review of the product.

    And you’re right. Looking toward the Motorola XOOM now, I suppose.

  13. ViewSonic G-Tablet FTW! But really I have no interest in this UI. I love android because of stock android. Eden doesn’t even look like Android. Thanks, but no thanks. I was chosen for the EAP2 program and I still haven’t heard JACK from Notion Ink. I’ve emailed them a couple times and they just blew me off. To say this company is a joke is a huge understatement

  14. Desi: Where did your get gtablet for $280?

  15. TT sears outlet often has returns at 249 without tax. 280 price is including tax :)
    I love my G-tab and I am proud to admit it :D


    Most “complaints” seem to be software related and not hardware related. Also most admit they havent even downloaded the update waiting.

  17. Am I the only one who isn’t surprised or bothered by the Eden fail?
    I expected the UI to be removed by XDA quickly and a normal launcher added :-P
    I just wanted a powerful cheap tablet with Pixel QI :o

  18. JO: Thanks a lot man! I wish I could buy online tho, it is instore pick up only…

  19. Well, considering it just came out days ago, I wouldnt call the Notion Ink or Eden a fail…lol
    How may smartphone or tablets had a flawless launch?

  20. Agree with jroc. What about the motor droid. Didn’t have multi zoom when it came out. Almost every notable android device out there has had software issues from the start. And you shouldnt judge the adam until the update is released and genesis app store is launched. I bet honeycomb crashes too.

  21. When the gtablet came out…the software was garbage too. Look past the stock UI and you’ll find a hardware beast. Especially with XDA working on it, NI can be a great tablet.

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