Jan 25th, 2011

If you had to guess what four types of devices developers are clamoring to code for… what would you guess? I don’t think it’s a surprise that the top 4 are the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Android Phones and Android Tablets. While Apple products still lead in mindshare with developers, Android is a close second and gaining ground while you’d need a telescope to see all the others.

An appcelerator survey of over 2,000 developers showed over 92% interested in iPhone development, 87% in Android Phone development, 87% in iPad development, and 74% for Android Tablet development. Compare that to say, Windows Phone 7? They’ve got 36% of developers interested.

Then there are the “Internet TVs”. Google TV and Apple TV respectively dropped from 44% and 40% interest all the way down to 33% and 30% interest. I don’t think that’s a sign these connected TVs are dying as a concept, but rather they haven’t caught on yet and their glory days will take some time to arrive. They’re a little bit ahead of their time. Every deserving product can’t enjoy the limelight simultaneously, and clearly phones and tablets from Apple and Android are dominating interest.

I definitely agree with Scott Schwarzhoff, VP of Marketing at Appcelerator, when he explains, ““Tablets are the big form factor for 2011,” Schwarzhoff added. “It’s just going to take time for connected TVs to mature.”

Android and Apple have an insurmountable momentum, but you should seriously keep an eye on Google TV over the next 12 months. Afterall, Android Market will be launching on Google TV soon and hey- there is a reason Android Phones and Android Tablets are already so popular with developers.

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