White Nexus S Appears Looking Pretty Darn Spiffy


While most of the internet is all abuzz about the launch of the white iPhone, Samsung is up to their old tricks again readying an equally pale version of their Nexus S with Android 2.3. As seems to be the case with most Android phones, the white variant looks to equate to a new battery cover while the front bezel remains the same as the currently available NS.

Not much more is known about this new version of the Nexus S or when and where it will be available, but chances are it will be an exclusive (possibly in Europe) when it does touch down.

[via BestBoyz]

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  1. Might have to get a white cover, that looks nice. Shame the volume rocker and power button will be black…..

  2. Looks super sweet.

  3. I wont lie, it doesn’t look good.

  4. Spiffy!!!

  5. Now if they make a CDMA version we’ll do business.

  6. Terrible.

  7. Still looks like a crappy piece of plastic assembled in a hurry. What a shame for the nexus line. At least the Nexus One was built in better quality. I don’t know about others but I sure as hell not spending 530 bucks for plastic.

  8. But uh, it’s still black. On the front. Where it matters.

  9. Pretty sweet! Though a Nexus [blank] phone on a 4G network w/ a dual core cpu is what i really want… Don’t like having to root in order to get rid of the preloaded bloatware :(

  10. That looks fugly.

  11. JP nexus one’s build quality is that good for example the power batten at first isn’t responding well when its working and after some use of it, it stop working at all
    and i have a nexus one.
    i am not saying its not a good phone i think its 1 of the best of there is even today 1 year after its lunched

  12. I woould have preferred a full white one

  13. White all around would be nice, but I still like my black Nexus S over any alternatives.

  14. Please… if you are considering buying any Samsung product: research their performance over the past year in regards to phones. We need to stop voting for Samsung with our money.

  15. I agree with Sense, the color combination just makes it look tacky; if it would have been totally white it would have looked awesome.

  16. If you’re going to make a white phone make it all white. Replacing the back cover doesn’t make it a white edition phone. It’s still a black phone. It’s just a black phone with a white battery cover.

  17. Did they address any of its shortcomings?

  18. Why does Samsung always changing the battery cover only and call it a new color?

  19. I’m afraid I’m in the Yuck camp. It just exists to run after a band wagon and so can never be cool.

  20. The whole thing needs to be white, not just the battery cover.

  21. White plastic instead of black plastic.

  22. Looks like an Oreo cookie!

  23. Looks REALLY BAD! and cheap. I guess someone spilled whiteout on their phone and got an idea. LOL!

  24. I really like white phones. I’ve never liked black ones. I just wish that modern “white” phones were all white instead of just a white back. I almost got the white fascinate, but then I switched to Verizon.

  25. @14.Scooter

    Samsung Performance is awesome it is actually YOU who needs researching. Samsung Vibrant is among that most powerful devices and as well as my Nexus S running android 2.3.1 and soon to be 2.3.2 after I’m done charging the battery, just now received the OTA. Quit being a douche just because you are one of those BH2 owners that didn’t get an update or Samsung Vibrant owner who is just now getting froyo, not much of a difference between 2.3 and 2.2 nobody else has GB yet most likely Nexus S will turn out to be one of those phones who has an exclusive update like the Original Droid did with 2.0 android.

  26. So this is the gt-i9023 that passed through FCC? So long as there isn’t much of a difference im cool with it.

  27. Stop copying the iphone.!!!!!!!
    Be unique….bitches..!”!

  28. @jae, I didn’t realize apple invented white.

  29. Are they going to charge $839 for this one too?

  30. you can get a white skin cover from ebay for $4 for the same effect.

  31. I wish they’d stop making Cruella Devil-style phones with black on one side and white on the other.

  32. The NS’s design is awkward as it is, has anyone ever thought “hey, this phone looks weird. WTF?”

  33. @25

    Sure, the hardware may be phenomenal, But that goes out the window when the hardware is marred with crappy build quality and non-existent technical support from the manufacturer AND the carrier. I went through 3 behold 2’s and 2 vibrants. I will NEVER buy a samsung product again. Your absolutely right, people SHOULD do their research. They’ll find that samsung really doesn’t care about their consumers.

  34. @zach no not at all. When I first saw the nexus s I creamed my pants. It looks so sexy and I love how when the screen is off it looks like there are no buttons at all.

  35. In my opinion if they are going to do a white version of any phone (evo 4G or Nexus S) they should do the ENTIRE phone COMPLETELY white..

  36. Okay, should I get the black or the white one?..Hmmm..I’ll get this one, black in front and a white back…Yay

  37. I’ll just go on eBay and get a white battery cover for a lot less, thanks Samsung

  38. What the HELL is the point of making only the back of the phone white?! Why didn’t those morons make the WHOLE phone white??? When you look at it from the front, it still looks all crappy and black…and that’s NOT what we want!!

    Retarded asshats.

  39. I had this phone and it completely sucked

  40. At least it’s got a camera that works in low light, a screen that doesn’t go crazy and have epileptic fits – also with the Samsung your not (UN)-supported by HTC,, I’d swap my fifth Nexus One at the drop of a hat for either colour

  41. Lame. It’s just a white back cover. Looks rubbish too.

  42. i <3 samsung they have the best phones out there if you know how to root /install custom roms

  43. *Facepalm*

    UGH Samsung. I hates you.

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