Google Updates Mobile Weather Search with Interactive Options


Google is taking yet another step into the realm of mobile web pages as apps with the introduction of some nifty new features for their weather results. When using a mobile device (English only, for now), a simple search for “weather” will now return an interactive set of information on the days forecast.

The content isn’t new, but the way you access it has changed for the better. Now a slider lets you shift through the weather over the next 12 hours, with information on temperature, wind, and humidity changing as you move along the day. Scrolling past the new interactive weather results brings you to your standard Google search results.

While apps are experiencing a big boom, the future is in mobile web pages that leverage HTML5 and other technologies to create more app-like experiences. Google senses this and is making some pretty cool strides in that direction.

[via Google]

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  1. Nice google, nice. And first!

  2. Works well on desire in UK

  3. Very Nice! Works well.

  4. Come on Google we need a Widget like that.

  5. +1 to a widget like this! :)

    This is now the new homepage on my mobile browser.

  6. Australians should also check out the FREE (but still in BETA) WeatherCell.net Australia widget, that uses Bureau of Meteorology data (which is much more accurate for Australia).

  7. haha that is pretty badass.

  8. +2 on the widget! Bring it Google!

    I wonder if this will work on webOS and iOS? I guess I could test it.

  9. EDIT: Never mind, I checked the Blog link above and it does support iOS.

    I still need to check webOS though. We shall see.

  10. Wow, thats pretty cool. Now, they just need that in a widget or something to add onto the home screen.

  11. That was pretty cool. I’ll probably still keep the weather.com app and widget though so I can track weather in several locations at the same time.

  12. Pretty cool, +1 for widget but in the meantime I just bookmarked it and added a shortcut to a home screen.

  13. Love it. Would definitely love a widget like this or maybe even a real time weather live wallpaper.

  14. Not working on Opera Mini….

  15. Doesn’t work in Canada. Boo.

  16. Would LOVE a widget or a live wallpaper background that displays live action of the weather going on outside. If it’s stormy outside, the live wallpaper could show thunder storms and what not.

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