NASA360 Brings Space-centric Television into the Palm of your Hand


While NASA isn’t blowing people’s minds to the tune of manned moon landings and trips around the solar system quite like they used to, they are still making some pretty big advancements in the study of the universe around us. While some groups are busy sending Android into outer space, NASA has just brought outer space into your Android with the introduction of the NASA360 app. Now you can catch episodes of the award-winning program right on the small screen.

Aside from the ability to watch every episode of NASA360, the app also features info on where episodes were filmed, interactive maps, crew and cast bios, and quizzes to see if you learned anything from watching. It is available in the Android Market now free of charge. Simply follow the QR below.

[via NASA – Thanks Adam!]

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  1. Nice cant wait to see what it is all about…

  2. And the world went, “Meh.”

  3. @jay, just because you’re a simple minded person doesn’t mean that the world is also.

  4. There are probably at least a have dozen NASA probes at various places in Sol system right now. Thanks for assuming since you don’t know about it, it’s not happening.

  5. Thanks for assuming that because I believe this app and this NASA360 show have a high probability of being lame, that I must have no understanding or interest in Astronomy or Astrophysics. I find both subjects fascinating (and probably know more that the lot of you combined about them), but NASA themselves haven’t produced much of real interest in a long time. Time was when NASA was the government saying to a bunch of private sector folks, “Hey, we need you to get this done.” Now it’s a full-blown federal agency with all the bureaucratic sclerosis that goes with it. And thus I say,”Meh.”

  6. nice very

  7. Why does AppBrain give it 5.2 stars out of 5?…

  8. OK this makes a whole lot of sense dude, Wow.

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