ShopSavvy 4 Coming to Android Tomorrow


One of the first apps for Android — and best friend for shoppers everywhere — is getting a major overhaul with the launch of ShopSavvy 4. The updated app will be available tomorrow and brings some big changes to the app that so many Android users have become familiar with. The first thing you will notice is the main interface now bares a striking resemblance to the new Android Market, right down to the curves and menu items. A live “scans happening now” feature shows you what other ShopSavvy users are scanning.

A new Live Deals stream showcases deals located by other users, while new partners like Groupon offer even more savings while you shop. Features like this should make you a truly savvy shopper, but revamped scanning technology providing twice as fast performance supporting both fixed focal length and variable focal length cameras really gives your scanning prowess a boost. It doesn’t even matter how the phone is oriented — full 360 degree scanning is supported.

This really is a major update that will take some getting used to if you are a big ShopSavvy user, but from what we have seen it will be well worth giving some time to figure out. The look and feel of the app mimicking the Android Market is making us think Google may have updated some of their “best use” suggestions. They once were setup to suggest apps that resulted in the stellar official Twitter app, but I digress…

ShopSavvy 4. I’ll throw the QR and other info below for now, but you’ll want to check it out tomorrow to get the goods.

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  1. Looks like its out now.

  2. Installed it yesterday.

  3. LOL on the MT4G I tried to scan the above QR code and it crashed the app. Wont even restart. LOL
    Android never fails to disappoint.

  4. The new Market UI design, now adopted by ShopSavvy: what a stupid waste of screen real estate.

  5. Typical Phandroid isn’t know for their research.

  6. LOL, This came out on Saturday, or at least that’s when my update showed up.

  7. It came out yesterday and another update today.

  8. Interesting… mine updated to this version yesterday.

  9. figures…yall are always one step behind!

  10. Sigh, this seems to be one of those apps, like NewsRob, and estrongs file explorer and even soundhound that seem to get more bloated, and worse off, and bigger, fatter, slower, crashier, with each release.

    In this case, I don’t want to see what other people are scanning. Just make it faster.

    I updated Saturday, but today there is another update, I am hopeful it will let me turn off the live other people are scanning malfunction.

  11. Yay, it does. Good for them!

  12. Is this any better than Google Shopper, which I found better than ShopSavvy when it came out?

  13. ShopSavvy 4.0 is officially released tomorrow, but we have been pushing updates to users (about 100,000) since Sunday. We wanted to run down a few bugs and get some basic feedback before officially launching (i.e. doing the PR thing).

    We found a few bugs as detailed here:

    We also found out that users wanted to be able to turn off the live product stream and we got that update out this afternoon as detailed here:

    We also wanted to put out the old version under the GoCart brand to be able to give passionate users who didn’t want to change the ability to keep using the old app (warts and all). Here is how to get the old version:

    Finally, we know our update is going to piss a lot of people off. Our goal is to release the best possible app. We hope you like it, but we know some of you will never be happy. I wrote about this issue here:

    So Ben, Jack, and Tim – Phandroid actually got the story out first – no one else has covered it yet. Thanks guys!

  14. Removed after reading some of the reviews of the latest version. Also not too crazy about the new permissions required now.

  15. Any app out there that can compile a shopping list after you scan something? Doesn’t seem like a very difficult concept.

  16. Have it since couple of days.

  17. The app that kills your battery by constantly polling your gps and running in the background? No thanks…

  18. The UI is quite slick and well-designed, imo.

  19. Yeah, nothing about this version makes me remotely interested in upgrading. lol

  20. If you can’t get enough of 1 groupon a day, check out Grouponbot finds cool national deals from other cities for you.

  21. @GodCyph – it doesn’t poll your GPS or run in the background. The old version did that – the new version doesn’t.

    @jbw – it requires LESS permissions than the old version.

  22. The live scan feature ruined the application for me. The good news is it forced me to discover Google’s shopping app in the marketplace. Frankly, Google Shopper is better!

  23. why does the app read identities from phone calls?

  24. @rdjr74 – Grocery IQ creates a shopping list. I use it all the time.

  25. Bunch of trolls. At least know what you are talking about before you start bitching. The developer is right, it requires LESS permissions than the previous version. Also, it does NOT poll your GPS or run in the background. If you want to bitch about a shitty app running in the background, bitch about the Facebook app or the Samsung Mediahub app that you cannot uninstall from your POS Sammy phone. Nough said.

  26. I check more often then I check groupon now.

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