3G Nook Experiencing Lack of Demand, to Be Discontinued


While the NOOKcolor from Barnes & Noble is currently in hot demand (and doing a pretty good job of creating a stir in the Android hacking community), the old-school Nook with 3G radio is being discontinued. The Wi-Fi version will remain, and that brand-spanking new NOOKcolor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. That should help narrow down your e-reader buying decision a bit, right?

[via CrunchGear]

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  1. Not a shocker. Wonder how many of those color’s were purchased as an android tablet alternate. 1.1 ghz processor OC is nothing to shake a stick at!

  2. Oh how i wish tablet manufacturers would see this & give us wifi only versions of their devices

  3. Blah blah. Great article as always. But I don’t see the book color as a true android tablet alternative

  4. ^^ idiot ^^ it’s nook color

  5. Um why would I buy the Nook Color over a real tablet that doesn’t restrict me? The only reason to get any eBook only reader is the e-ink screen so the Nook Color is now the worst option. Insane that people actually buying that over alternatives.

  6. I think the tablets are a total waste of money, as you can do the same exact stuff on your mobile phone.

    Its going to be several more years until the tablets are just as powerful as your laptop, allowing you to get rid of your laptop, but its not there yet.

  7. Tablets are nice because it allows you to work on a larger screen. It brings the power of a smartphone to a bigger screen but still with stellar battery life (in most cases) therefore making it close in functionality to a laptop, but more portable.

  8. With wireless tethering becoming the norm why would anyone want a device that needs an extra data plan. Go wifi :)

  9. @post 5. “Work” you say? Unless all your “work” is updating the facebook and monitor twitter, browsing internet or waiting for a gf’s email, a tablet is useless.
    @post 3. Some like it bright, you know. To me e-Ink sucks $#!t. I like reading my books backlit, in the dark room when I don’t bother anyone. Personally, I love my NC for this, and I rooted it to get some more advanced reading capabilities out of it – RepliGo for PDFs (now we are talking real work) and Kindle for kindle books (B&N won’t allow buying books in Canada.)

  10. @ vlad there are a lot of ways a tablet can help with work. My local hospital, for instance, has Ipads for every wing.

  11. @Nlsme
    Although I can see it may be useful.. Touch screens, hospitals, and germs.. doesn’t sound good.. If your wearing gloves with patient A, and your wearing gloves with patient B.. you still have the common denominator of the touch pad.. but who knows, maybe they have that figured out..

  12. And a keyboard would be better because? It is the biggest reason they use them. That, and they are capable of doing the job.

  13. @dennis – most info in hospitals is passed around via paper (charts) or computers (basically e charts). Hospitals HAVE worked out the germs thing. It is why docs and nurses constantly wash their hands before and after seeing a patient. My brother was actually working on a project to reduce waiting times at hospitals by using tablets to get information passed around more efficently, but it was in 2003 so the tablets were not very advanced. Now I am sure the could do wonders.

  14. They have hardley worked things out. You can find some nasty stuff at hospitals.

  15. I have the nook wifi and love it. Passed on the 3g because I can link nook wifi to my rooted android phone and do same thing 3g could do.

  16. I have both a Nook eInk and Nook Color and Droid phone and I can say that while my smart phone can surf the Web and read me Nook Books I use the Nook Color because it is bigger. I won’t root my Nook Color because I don’t want to ruin it as an eReader. If I had lots of money I might buy another Nook Color to root and use as a tablet but to tell you the truth I have no great desire to play Angry Birds on my Nook Color. It would be really handy to have it sync with my gmail account and my work email account like my Droid does or have a good note taking app like EverNote.

  17. I’ll be getting one wi-fi nook color and 1 3g. I’ll root both, mount the wi-fi one to my fridge with velcro and link it to our family calendar. I schedule all my kids chores on google calendar so they’ll be able to walk to the fridge and pull up their chores. I also use apps for my recipes and shopping lists. i can update them at the fridge and then take my 3g to the store to access my list.

    For “Mom work”, a rooted color nook makes MUCH more sense than a $600 tablet!

  18. OK, So for some reason I thought there WAS a 3G nook color. There’s not. Duh.

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