Leaked Logo Suggests Kyocera Echo Headed to Sprint?


A pair of logos have leaked for what is said to be two new handsets headed to Sprint’s network. The first, the HTC Arrive, is being pegged as a Windows Phone 7 device, while the second, the Kyocera Echo is a bit more mysterious. The name is said to be the retail branding of a phone being internally called the Sanyo Orange. We’re guessing this is an Android device, and Sanyo/Kyocera’s history tells us it will most likely be low to mid-range. Or it could be something entirely unexpected. So little is known right now that your guess is as good as mine.

[via Engadget]

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  1. I hope this isn’t the news we are waiting for in February… (don’t think it is, but still)

  2. I think Sprint will have more up their sleeves…

  3. lol…sprint does not want to play the game huh? what are we doing with a mid range phone from an unknown brand…I might soon abandon their cheap plan for a standard phone

  4. Sounds like Sprint doesn’t like to have very many offerings.

  5. Yawn…nothing to see here move along…move along

  6. Word on the street is that the Kyocera Echo is going to be something unexpected (New innovative form factor). Its a Premium Android Device with WiMAX…

  7. I’ve heard a rumor of a high end sanyo android device coming to sprint

  8. If the HTC device is W7, I hope it has Wimax and the ability to use the phone as a modem without having to hack the device.

  9. Too much money on nascar. LOL

  10. i am really diggin the optimus black resembles the iphone but seems to be so much better if sprint knows whats best for them theyll grab that and the iphone5 like yesterday.. btb the mysterious roll that they always play is a bit over kill for me. i wouls shy away from the unknown with this phone since sprint has been given their “balls” back they are to good in the game don’t throw out a “just cause ” phone on the market just cause . Quality over Quantity but hurry the hell up already!

  11. sprint needs to have the iphone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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